3.1 The Master Control Panel

The general layout of the master control panel is shown in Figure 3.1. The control panel can be subdivided into 4 areas, each of which has a separate function. In the subsequent discussion, these areas will be referred to as (1) instrument setup, (2) data acquisition control, (3) servo control, and (4) instrument status. Detailed close-ups of each area are shown in Figures 3.2, 3.3, 3.5 and 3.6

3.1.1 Instrument Setup

The FTS optics control panel is illustrated in Figure 3.2 and its various functions are described below.

3.1.2 Data Acquisition Control

The FTS signal control unit is shown in Figure 3.3.

3.1.3 Servo Control

Figure 3.5 shows the FTS error signal and servo control panel. The relevant settings and displays of this unit are detailed below.

3.1.4 Performance Monitoring

The FTS oscilloscope and error signal displays are illustrated in Figure 3.6. Various signals from each of these displays should be monitored carefully while observing.

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