CFHT, Instruments, Spectroscopy, MOS/SIS Atlas

Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope

The MOS and OSIS Spectral Atlas

Now superceded by the Gumball pages

C. Vanderriest and R. Arsenault
Version 1.0
March 1996

Click on the appropriate cell to display a plot of an identified spectrum for the given instrumental configuration. All spectra have been obtained with the slit in the center of the field. Note that these plots are now inaccuarate as they were obtained with an older optical layout in MOS / OSIS. Please refer to the Gumball pages for more recent spectral atlas plots.

V150 He+Ne+Ar
B300 He+Ne
O300 He+Ne - detail
R300 Ar+Ne Ne+Ar Ar
B600 He+Ne - detail He+Ne
O600 Ne
H100 Ar - OH
J200 Ar - OH

Created : 8 March 1996 - Please send comments to Christian Veillet