CFHT, Headline News
CFHT Headline News for 2003
  • Dec. 3 
The first part of CFHT's Oral History Initiative is now available online, featuring photographs of the dome crane cab and the prime focus cage, and an mpeg movie taken inside CFHT's dome.
  • Dec. 2 
The Volume 3, Number 4 edition of the HOKU newletter is now available. It includes a special invitation for the residents of the Big Island: CFHT will host a Star Party in Waimea, December 6, 2003 from 7pm to 10 pm (after the Christmas parade), on the CFHT HQ Front Lawn. CFHT staff will be happy to answer your questions about their work and astronomy. Small telescopes will be set on the front lawn in order to observe stars, planets and other deep-sky objects. In case of rain, we will show videos and offer coffee, cocoa and cookies in the large conference room.
  • Dec. 1 
The CFHT 2004 Astronomy calendar is now available!. CFHT has once again teamed up with Coelum to deliver a calendar of stunning astronomical images. These twelve gorgeous, true-color images were obtained with the CFH12K and the MegaCam wide-field CCD imaging cameras, and are each accompanied by a brief description.
  • Nov. 13 
Early registration for the CFHT co-sponsored conference Astronomical Polarimetry - Current Status and Future Directions ends on 30 November 2003. This conference will be held on the Big Island of Hawaii, March 15-19, 2004, at the Waikoloa Beach Marriott hotel (Outrigger).
  • Nov. 12 
The Core List of Astronomy Books, a project coordinated by CFHT's librarian Liz Bryson, has been updated and is now online at: Henceforth, the list will only be updated every other year. Book suggestions and comments are welcomed.
  • Nov. 12 
CFHT's librarian, Liz Bryson, has initiated an Oral History project to interview, via video camera and tapes, significant people and gather first-hand knowledge of historical developments and experiences that occured during the years 1977-1990. 
  • Nov. 7 
CFHT presents its new Observatory Manual, an updated version of the previous "Observer's Manual". The new web document describes the observatory site's characteristics, the observatory facility, the telescope, and the instruments. 
  • Sep. 9 
HOKU, An Online Astronomy Newsletter for Educators and Parents Volume 3, Number 3 (Sept. 2003) now available!
  • Aug. 14 
Semester 2004A is now open for proposals. The deadline is September 24, 2003 - 24:00 UTC.
  • Aug. 14 
The CFHT Bulletins all available online! The early CFHT Bulletins, starting with the first number of August 1979, have been scanned and added to the more recent bulletins available online. 
  • Jul. 18 
The Report of the 63rd meeting of the SAC, which was held in Toulouse, France, 26-27 May 2003, is now available on the web. 
  • Jul. 16 
New Fast Lane towards Discoveries of Clusters of Galaxies Inaugurated -- Space and Ground-Based Telescopes Cooperate to Gain Deep Cosmological Insights CFHT has contributed to the discovery of several large clusters of galaxies. Using the ESA XMM-Newton satellite, a team of European and Chilean astronomers has obtained the world's deepest wide-field X-ray image of the cosmos to date. Complemented with observations by large ground-based optical telescopes such as the ESO Very Large Telescope (VLT) and CFHT, this research has resulted in the discovery of several large clusters of galaxies. 
  • Jun. 15 
New irregular satellites were discovered around Jupiter by two independent teams using CFHT's new mosaic of CCDs, MegaPrime. See the IfA teams's Jupiter Satellite Page and the Canadian team's page on Irregular Satellites of Jupiter. These new discoveries put Jupiter far ahead of the all other planets in terms of number of satellites, with 61 known moons. 
  • Jun. 2 
CFHT and VLT Identify Extremely Remote Galaxy
  • Feb. 26
HOKU, An Online Astronomy Newsletter for Educators and Parents Volume 3, Number 1 (March 2003) now available!
  • Feb. 25
The deadline for the semester 2003B proposals has been extended to March 27, 2003, 24:00 UTC. More information here
  • Feb. 19
Semester 2003B is now open for proposals. The deadline is March 20, 2003, 24:00 UTC.
  • Jan. 15
The report of the 62th meeting of SAC is  now available! 
  • Jan. 3/11
MegaPrime  engineering run with  MegaCam on the sky for the second time...

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