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Chronological Headlines

15 August 2001
Semester 2002A open for proposals
Christian Veillet
Proposal submission deadline is 2001 September 19 - 24:00 UTC
18 April 2001
A double asteroid discovered at CFHT
Christian Veillet
An asteroid orbiting beyond Neptune in the Kuiper Belt, seems to have a companion... Read the story here
20 February 2001
Semester 2001B open for proposals
Christian Veillet
16 January 2001
Open House Tour
Nadine Manset
During the CFHT21 celebrations, the public was invited to a Open House Day. A Open House Tour Web page with lots of pictures tells the story!
4 January 2001
CFHT21 Group Pictures
Jean-Charles Cuillandre
The group photographs taken at the 21 years CFHT anniversary celebration at the Outrigger Waikoloa Resort and the Mauna Kea summit
12 December 2000
November 2000 SAC Meeting Report available on the web
Christian Veillet
1 December 2000
CFHT 21st Birthday
Christian Veillet
Celebrating 21 years of CFHT Observations.
27 November 2000
2001 CFHT / Coelum Deluxe Calendar
Jean-Charles Cuillandre
In collaboration with the Italian Astronomy magazine Coelum Astronomia, CFHT has edited a Calendar for 2001 based exclusively on CFH12K images.
26 October 2000
A new asteroid moon discovered at CFHT
Francois Menard
and the first movie of the rotation of an asteroid ever made by optical imaging!
26 October 2000
Discovery of new satellites of Saturn
Follow this link to learn more about the discovery of what could be four new satellites of Saturn
IAUC 7512 and 7513 announce the discovery 
18 October 2000
ADASS '99 Proceedings
Nadine Manset
The Proceedings of the ADASS IX Conference are now on-line on the Web site. Participants should receive their copy of the book in November.
29 August 2000
Semester 2001A open for proposals
Christian Veillet
09 August 2000
CFHT and a Jupiter-sized planet around Epsilon Eridani
Greg Fahlman
01 August 2000
Announcement of the Korea Astronomy Observatory (KAO) Agreement with the CFHT Corporation
Greg Fahlman
02 June 2000
Semester 2000B schedule available on the web
Christian Veillet
27 May 2000
May 2000 SAC Meeting Report available on the web
Christian Veillet
14 March 2000
CFHT Gives First Glimpse of Dark Matter Distribution
Jean-Charles Cuillandre
A team of Astronomers headed by Yannick Mellier has released the first results on the detection of the subtle change in the shapes of distant galaxies due to weak gravitational lensing by large scales structures of the Universe.
14 February 2000
Deadline for the call for concepts to replace CFHT extended to March 25, 2000
Christian Veillet
This call for concepts to replace, on site, the CFH Telescope on Mauna Kea is available here
28 January 2000
2000B Open for Proposals
Christian Veillet
CFHT is open for proposals for the semester 2000B (Aug 2000 - Jan 2001)
Deadline is 2000 March 1 - 24:00 UTC
January 2000
2000 CFHT Wide-Field Imaging Deluxe Calendar
J.-C. Cuillandre
In collaboration with the Italian Astronomy magazine Coelum Astronomia , CFHT has edited a Calendar for 2000 based mainly on CFH12K images...
14 December 1999
1999 Oct. 28-29 SAC Meeting minutes available
Christian Veillet
After their adoption by the CFHT Board, the minutes of the last Scientific Advisory Council of CFHT are now available on the CFHT web site 
8 September 1999
New camera performances of CFH12K with new CCDs
J.-C.  Cuillandre
New camera performances after installing three new CCDs and replacing the dewar window 
August 1999
Call for Ideas for CFHT Imaging Surveys
Christian Veillet
The deadline for answering the call for ideas (english version - french version) is August 31, 1999...
12 July 1999
Gecko Fiber Feed Status
Greg Barrick
Status of the CAFE; a fiber feed to Coude 
25 March 1999
CFHT's Virtual Tour
J.-L.  Villecroze
Grand opening of a Virtual tour of the CFHT. Enjoy ! 
16 February 1999
CFHT Hosts ADASS '99
Pierre Martin
CFHT will host the Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems meeting October 3-6, 1999. 
13 January 1999
CFH12K a Great Success
Dennis Crabtree
The largest close packed CCD array in the world !!! Check-out this page
January 1999
Liz Bryson
Poster presentation at the American Astronomical Society's 193rd. meeting, January, 1999, Austin, Tx