The web interface to this programme is currently very basic. It does not handle any errors, so it is up to you to make sure your input is appropriate.

The Web interface was written by Dr. Tim Abbott. Dr. John Thorstensen is not responsible for any failures or inadequacies on its part.

Source code for the original programme is available at the noao iraf ( site by ftp.

John Thorstensen's caveats:

CAUTION: I believe these routines to be accurate enough for
most purposes, and explicitly warn the user when
known error-prone conditions arise.  HOWEVER, I make no
guarantee that the program is bug-free, and caution that
not all routines are thoroughly precise and rigorous.
The author implicitly assumes that the user is
sophisticated enough to interpret the results correctly,
and disavows any legal liability for damages.
Many routines take a time argument which is a double-precision
floating-point julian date; on a VAX/VMS system, this gives
time resolution of about 0.1 second.  When porting
to another machine or compiler, test that the accuracy is
sufficient.  Select menu item 'a' for further accuracy info.
Program copyright 1990, John Thorstensen, Dartmouth College
Permission hereby granted for scientific/educational use.
Commercial users must license.  Please communicate problems or
suggestions to the author, John Thorstensen, Dept. Physics
and Astronomy, Dartmouth College, Hanover NH 03755