CFHT Guest Observer Information Sheet

This form should be submitted three weeks before your scheduled arrival.
If your run happens near Thanksgiving, Christmas, or the New Year, please fill in this form 6 weeks in advance to help with hotel and car reservation.
The information on this form is e-mailed to Ms. Moani Akana who is responsible for making your local arrangements.

Please contact Christian Veillet (veillet -=at=- if you have any questions about this form.
Updated August 2007

You can consult the observation schedule to verify your Run Id, etc..

Please read the following list of current runIDs and enter your runID:

Observer's Name: E-mail:
Business Telephone: Home Telephone:
Fax: University or Agency:
Mailing Address:

Method of Payment: Cash    Bill me    Travelers' Check    INSU   HIA   Purchase Order Number: 
Travel and Accomodations on the Big Island and Hale Pohaku
Date of Arrival:  Airport:
Airline and Flight #:  Time:
Date of Departure:  Airport:
Airline and Flight #:  Time:

Please note that all observers are responsible for their own transportation between the airport, Hale Pohaku, and Waimea. Observers may rent a car or use a taxi.

I wish to have a rental car reserved    Type

Please note that only cars rented with National Car Rental through CFHT are allowed to use the Saddle Road. Except for Harper Car Rental, no other car rental company allows its vehicules to go on Saddle Road. If you make your own car rental arrangements (through your local travel agent for example) and plan on driving on Saddle Road, you will most likely be breaching your car rental agreement.
Driver's Licence Information
Drivers Licence Number Issuer Exp. Date

If you do not want to rent a car, you may use a taxi. Please enter your taxi needs in the following box, including departure and destination, dates and times, and method of payment (MasterCard, Visa, cash, travellers' checks):

Hotel reservation

  1. Hotel reservations require a credit card number. Your credit card information (credit card name, number, expiration date) should be either faxed c/o Ms. Moani Akana (FAX: 1-808-885-7288) or communicated to her by phone (PHONE: 1-808-885-7944).
  2. Please specify any hotel reservations you require:

For liability reasons, only individuals designated as observers by the PI of an observing run are allowed to use the Hale Pohaku facilities. Ms. Akana can help make hotel reservations in Hilo or Kona for accompanying persons. Observers will each be charged for one room and daily meals. The invoices will each bear the name of one observer. The same rules apply to CFHT visitors working at the summit in daytime or at night and staying at Hale Pohaku.
Hale Pohaku Information
Name Arrival Date/Time at HP Departure Date/Time from HP Smoking?
No Yes 
No Yes 
No Yes 
No Yes 

Please specify any special requests (vegetarian, etc.) you require at HP:

Mail comments to Christian Veillet (veillet -=at=-