Toward Maui and Waimea


Thirty-two kilometers (20 miles) away, the smaller community of Waimea is the second largest collection of artificial light visible from the summit. Many features are visible in this image.

Most of the light from Waimea comes from low pressure sodium streetlamps. Notable exceptions are the beacon at the Kohala airport which is high pressure sodium, and some other lighting in the center of Waimea, probably the gas stations and parking lots located there. Many of these are of the metal halide variety, and faint fluorescents just to the left of the Kohala airport.

In the distance is the looming dark shape of Haleakala, rising 10,000 feet over Maui. There is an observatory at its summit. A light there, barely visible to the naked eye, is visible in this image. Faint glow also rises from behind Haleakala, most of which from the community of Kahului.

Obscured by low clouds in this image, but also often visible from the summit, are the faint lights along the coast at the top of the Kohala peninsula. Again, the spectra from a few bright stars are visible as well.

Photograph by John McDonald