Virtual Observatory: the CFHTLS at CDS
The Centre de Données astronomiques de Strasbourg (CDS) [1] provides several products derived from the final CFHTLS release (T0007):
  • The catalog of observations in VizieR: two tables (II/317/cfhtls_w, II/317/cfhtls_d), respectively the Wide survey (fields W1--W4: 35,651,677 sources) and the Deep survey (fields D1--D4: 2,293,851 sources). This catalog is available via the well known VizieR catalog service [2] for any Web users and for "VO compatible tools" such as Aladin [3] or TOPcat [4]. This catalog has been also integrated in the CDS cross-match service [5] allowing one to easily correlate data with any other catalog distributed by the CDS.

  • Ten multi-resolution all-sky previews in Aladin (one preview per band u*, g', r', i', z') and per survey (Wide, Deep) and 2 colored multi-resolution all-sky previews (based on u*+g'+r' bands). Each preview enables one to zoom and pan into the individual CFHTLS fields (W1-W4 for the Wide survey, and D1-D4 for the Deep survey) combined within a unique global sky (see illustration below). These multi-resolution all-sky previews can be visualized by Aladin [3] or other compatible tools. These all-sky previews have been generated through 9 recursive HEALPix sky tessellations from 52 to 0.2 arcsec pixel angular resolution (HEALPix N-order 3 to 11) using a bilinear resampling from the original images to the deeper HEALPix grid (Norder 11). A weighted average based on the distance to the border has been applied on the pixels localized in the original image overlapping regions. A pixel from a HEALPix order N is the average value of the 4 corresponding HEALPix pixels of the order N+1. The all-sky previews are delivered in JPEG encoded tiles (8 bits pixel values - compressed) as well as in FITS encoded tiles (true pixel values) [6].

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CFHTLS all-sky previews available via the Aladin server form. Credit: CDS

From the whole sky view to Messier 101 details
in the CFHTLS Wide u* multi-resolution all-sky preview (WIDE-U). Credit: CDS