Semester 2000B Observing Schedule
Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan
Last update: 30 August 2000
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Date ID1 PI1 Nights Title Instrument SA
30-Jun-2000 C38 Fischer 3.0     (EM)
3-Jul-2000 C7 Pritchet 0.5     (EM)
4-Jul-2000 D   1.0     (EM)
5-Jul-2000 E   1.0   Coude FF (NM)
6-Jul-2000 F22 Soucail 3.0 Etude morphologique a haute resolution de sources lumineuses dans l'infra-rouge moyen amplifi\'ees par les amas-lentilles (suite et fin) AOB IR (FM)
9-Jul-2000 F55 Dumas 2.0 Large Neptune: inner satellites and rings AOB IR (FM)
11-Jul-2000 E   1.0   Gecko Red NM
12-Jul-2000 D   1.0     NM
13-Jul-2000 C4 Landstreet 2.0 Magnetic measurements of very slowly rotating magnetic Ap stars    NM
15-Jul-2000 C6 Walker 1.0 Interstellar C3 and C-3   NM
16-Jul-2000 C7 Walker 3.0 Interstellar  HC5 N+  C-7    NM
19-Jul-2000 C42 Fulbright 2.0 Variations in the Sulfur Abondance of Halo Stars    NM
23-Jul-2000 C38 Gladders 4.0  A Wide-Field High-Redshift Galaxy Cluster Survey CFH12K FM
27-Jul-2000 C28 Stiavelli 3.0 A sample of emission line galaxies at z=2.37    JCC
27-Jul-2000 C36 Connors 2.0 An Earth Trojan Search with the CFH12K Camera    
31-Jul-2000 C30 Carlberg 3.0 Mean Mass Profiles of Galaxy Groups   JCC
4-Aug-2000 F15A Gladman 2.0 Formation of the Giant Planets: Fossil Signatures of Planet Formation in the Kuiper Belt   NM
6-Aug-2000 C21A Pritchet 0.5 The Cosmic Star Formation Rate to z=0.8 from Type II Supernovae   NM
7-Aug-2000 Shutdown 6.0      
13-Aug-2000 E   3.0   AOB IR TF
16-Aug-2000 H8 Jewitt 3.0 Evolution of disks around stars   TF
19-Aug-2000 F25 Perrier-Bellet 2.0 La relation masse-luminosite de la tres basse sequence principale   TF
21-Aug-2000 H6 Stockton 1.0 Imaging of 3C radio sources   TF
22-Aug-2000 H22 Aussel 1.5 The faint end of the 60 and 15 microns local luminosity functions MOS EM
22-Aug-2000 H26 Dahm 1.5 The evolution of young clusters, a spectroscopic investigation   EM
25-Aug-2000 C27 Lilly 3.5 The metallicities of star-forming galaxies at redshifts 0.5 - 1.0   EM
28-Aug-2000 C8 Dessart 3.5 Quantitative analysis of M\,33 and M\,31 WC stars at various galactocentric radii: tests for massive star evolution and its dependence on metallicity.   EM
1-Sep-2000 D02   1.0     EM
2-Sep-2000 C5 Lelievre 2.0 Enrichissement chimique de l'extreme peripherie des galaxies spirales   EM
4-Sep-2000 E03   1.0     EM
5-Sep-2000 D03   1.0    
6-Sep-2000 E04   1.0   AOBIR FM
7-Sep-2000 F1 GERBALDI 2.0 What status for the Lambda Bootis Stars ?   FM
9-Sep-2000 C1 Davidge 2.0 The Distance to Maffei 1   FM
11-Sep-2000 F59 Merline 3.0 Search for Asteroidal Satellites using AO   FM
14-Sep-2000 E05   1.0   CAFE  
15-Sep-2000 E06   1.0   CFH12K  
16-Sep-2000 D04   1.0   CFH12K  
17-Sep-2000 F28 Delfosse 3.0 Recherche de naines brunes tres froides, et echelle de hauteur des naines brunes CFH12K CD
20-Sep-2000 F30A Pain 1.5 Cosmology with type IA Supernovae at redshift 1   CD
20-Sep-2000 C21B Pritchet 0.5 The Cosmic Star Formation Rate to z=0.8 from Type II Supernovae   CD
22-Sep-2000 F15B Gladman 2.0 Formation of the Giant Planets: Fossil Signatures of Planet Formation in the Kuiper Belt   CD
24-Sep-2000 C10 Demers 2.0 C stars as probes of the seeding of the M31 halo by its satellites   CD
26-Sep-2000 H28A Tonry 1.0 Extinction of high redshift supernovae    CD
27-Sep-2000 H36 Luppino 4.0 Weak lensing by large scale structure   FM
27-Sep-2000 H37 Tholen 1.0 Search for Nearth Earth Asteroids at small solar elongations   FM
2-Oct-2000 F9 PIERRE 1.0 Etude coordonnee XMM-CFHT-VLT-radio de l'evolution des structures cosmiques    CD
3-Oct-2000 C34 Brodwin 1.5 Photometric Redshifts in the CFDF   CD
4-Oct-2000 C21C Pritchet 0.5 The Cosmic Star Formation Rate to z=0.8 from Type II Supernovae   CD
5-Oct-2000 F29 Cox 3.0 Kinematical Study of young Planetary Nebulae - continued  FTS BEAR OL
8-Oct-2000 F57 Cabrit 3.0 Two-dimensional kinematics and excitation of H2 in shocks 
driven by protostellar outflows; a combined BEAR/ISOCAM study
11-Oct-2000 F34 Fouchet 3.0 M\'et\'eorologie jovienne avec le FTS-InSb. FTS InSb TF
14-Oct-2000 F33 Lellouch 2.0 Jupiter's auroral dynamics from H_3+ wind measurements    TF
16-Oct-2000 C11 Fullerton 2.0 Chemical Compositions of B-Type Stars from Infrared Spectra   TF
18-Oct-2000 C31 Lelievre 1.0 Fonctions de luminosite des regions HiII des galaxies spirales CFH12K PM
19-Oct-2000 C21D Pritchet 0.5 The Cosmic Star Formation Rate to z=0.8 from Type II Supernovae   NM
19-Oct-2000 F30B Pain 1.5 Cosmology with type IA Supernovae at redshift 1    NM
21-Oct-2000 H28B Tonry 1.0 Extinction of high redshift supernovae   NM
22-Oct-2000 F11 LeFevre 4.0 A deep wide field imaging survey   GF
26-Oct-2000 H28C Tonry 1.0 Extinction of high redshift supernovae   GF
27-Oct-2000 E07 1.0  
28-Oct-2000 KK1 Hyung 3.0 Spectroscopically resolving cores of nearby Seyfert galaxies  OASIS PM
31-Oct-2000 C46 Hall 2.5 Mapping and Weighing a Sample of 
Spectroscopically Selected Gravitational Lenses
2-Nov-2000 C38B Schmitt 2.5 Shocks in the Narrow Line Region of Seyfert galaxies   PM
5-Nov-2000 C14 Joncas 2.0 Determining the cause of the temperature fluctuations inHII regions   PM
7-Nov-2000 D05   1.0     PM
8-Nov-2000 E08 & E09   2.0   CFHTIR OL
10-Nov-2000 D06   1.0     TF
11-Nov-2000 F44 Thiebaut 4.0 Recherche d'emission Halpha etendue autour d'etoiles TTauri par imagerie a la limite de diffraction SPID CD
15-Nov-2000 E10   1.0   OASIS PM
16-Nov-2000 D07   1.0     PM
17-Nov-2000 F22 Emsellem 2.0 Dynamique des galaxies doublement barrees: 
couplage gaz/\'etoiles et activit\'e du noyau.
19-Nov-2000 F12 Monin 2.0 Stellar formation and binarity: accretion disks in young binaries   PM
21-Nov-2000 F32 Pecontal 4.0 The core structure of Seyfert galaxies   PM
25-Nov-2000 F11 LeFevre 5.0 A deep wide field imaging survey CFH12K GF
30-Nov-2000 C18 Abraham 2.0 Optical Imaging of LCIR Survey Fields: Photometric Redshifts and the Spatial Clustering of Extremely Red Objects   NM
2-Dec-2000 C12 Brewer 1.5 The Nature of M33's AGB Stars   NM
3-Dec-2000 E11   0.5     NM
4-Dec-2000 E12 & D08   1.0   GRIF OL
5-Dec-2000 F35 FIELD 3.0 Shock-induced star formation in the Orion Molecular Cloud AOB IR OL
8-Dec-2000 H12 Roddier F. 3.0 Survey of M stars and nearby stars   OL
11-Dec-2000 H13 Roddier C. 2.0 Astrometry and photometry of close T Tauri binaries   OL
13-Dec-2000 E13   1.0   CFHTIR TF
14-Dec-2000 D09 & D10   2.0     OL
16-Dec-2000 E14   1.0   CFH12K JCC
17-Dec-2000 F13 Bouvier 3.0 L'IMF substellaire des Pleiades   CV
20-Dec-2000 F52 Veillet 4.0 A deep survey of the Edgeworth-Kuiper belt: Compositional and dynamical diversity.   CV
24-Dec-2000 HH23 Sanders 2     JCC
24-Dec-2000 H99 TBD 2 TBD   JCC
28-Dec-2000 C26 Hudson 1.0 A Fundamental Plane Peculiar Velocity Survey of Rich Clusters within 200 h^{-1} Mpc   JCC
29-Dec-2000 C25 Yee 2.0 Evolution of Faint Galaxies Using Multicolour Photometry   JCC
31-Dec-2000 E   1.0     JCC
1-Jan-2001 C16 Ellingson 2.0 Mapping Infall into Galaxy Clusters   JCC
3-Jan-2001 C33 Poole 3.0 Lyman alpha Search for Star-Forming Galaxies at z=4.4   JCC
6-Jan-2001 E15 TCS 1.0   CFHTIR TF
7-Jan-2001 E16   1.0     TF
8-Jan-2001 D11   1.0    
9-Jan-2001 C48 Webb 4.0 Identifying the Objects Responsible for the Sub-Millimetre Background   TF
13-Jan-2001 C36 Fahlman 3.0 An amplified search for EROs   OL
16-Jan-2001 F20 Kneib 4.0 Dynamics and galaxy properties of a sample of X-ray selected lensing clustersat z~ 0.2 MOS CV
20-Jan-2001 D12   1.0     EM
21-Jan-2001 C43 Patton 3.0 Internal Kinematics of Intermediate Redshift Galaxies in Close Pairs OSIS V EM
24-Jan-2001 C39 Hall 3.0 A Unique Sample of Low-Luminosity Active Galactic Nuclei   EM
27-Jan-2001 C3 Gladders 2.0 A Wide-Field High-Redshift Galaxy Cluster Survey CFH12K  
29-Jan-2001 D13   1.0      
30-Jan-2001 ? on 2000B 2.0      
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