2001A  Schedule
Visitor Runs

Date Instrument Run ID PI Nights SA Title
5-Feb-2001 AOB IR H11A Jewitt 2.0 Menard  
7-Feb-2001 AOB IR F58 Merline 3.0 Menard Search for Asteroidal Satellites using AO
9-Feb-2001 AOB IR F35A Coustenis 1.0 Menard Imaging Titan with PUEO near 1 micron: new limb features
11-Feb-2001 FTS BEAR F8 LEMAIRE 2.5 Forveille Star formation induced by shocks in the Orion Molecular Cloud (using FTS-BEAR)
13-Feb-2001 FTS BEAR F38 Pacheco 1.5 Forveille Structures et champ de vitesse centraux d'AGNs typiques
15-Feb-2001 CFH12K K1 Park 3.0 Dougados  
18-Feb-2001 CFH12K F43 Ibata 3.0 Dougados The giant stellar stream of the Sagittarius dwarf galaxy
21-Feb-2001 MOS/FP C46 Cote 4.0 Martin Fabry-Perot Halpha Rotation Curves of Dwarf Galaxies
25-Feb-2001 MOS C47 Lilly 3.0 Magnier Metallicities of star-forming galaxies at 0.5 < z < 1.0
28-Feb-2001 MOS F57 Pakull 2.0 Magnier The nature of luminous extranuclear X-ray sources in nearby galaxies
5-Mar-2001 AOB IR H10B Liu 1.5  Lai  
6-Mar-2001 AOB IR F35B Coustenis 1.0  Lai Imaging Titan with PUEO near 1 micron: new limb features
8-Mar-2001 AOB IR C14 Davidge 3.0  Lai The Star Forming Histories of M81 and M81 Group Galaxies
13-Mar-2001 OASIS K2 Hyung 3.0  Dougados  
16-Mar-2001 OASIS F2 Ferruit 1.5  Dougados Spatially resolved jet/ISM interactions~: confronting models to reality.
18-Mar-2001 OASIS C6 Pellerin 2.0  Martin Distribution spatiale de populations stellaires: Lien evolutif entre les starbursts nucleaires et les AGN
20-Mar-2001 OASIS C2 Hall 3.0  Martin Finishing Mapping and Weighing a Sample of Spectroscopically Selected Gravitational Lenses
23-Mar-2001 OASIS F41 Emsellem 4.0  Dougados Mapping the nuclear regions of early-type galaxies with OASIS
4-Apr-2001 Gecko Cafe C37 Fulbright 3.0  Manset Oxygen Abundances in Very Metal-Poor Stars
7-Apr-2001 Gecko Cafe C9 Landstreet 2.0  Manset Comparison of spectral line profiles of B, A and F stars with a powerful new convection model
9-Apr-2001 Gecko Cafe C17 Bohlender 2.0  Manset Diffusion and Winds in the Helium-Peculiar Stars: Optical Observations
13-Apr-2001 CFH12K H17A Tholen 1  Cuillandre  
30-Apr-2001 AOB IR H25B Baudoz 2.0  Forveille
2-May-2001 AOB IR H25A Baudoz 1.5  Forveille  
4-May-2001 AOB IR F11 Gerbaldi 3.0  Forveille  What status for Lambda Bootis Stars?
14-May-2001 MOS F16 Flores 3.0  Veillet A global vision of the evolution of cluster galaxies through
spectral properties of mid-IR emitters (I).
17-May-2001 MOS F37 Kneib 2.0  Veillet Dynamics and galaxy properties of a sample of X-ray selected lensing clusters
at z~0.2
19-May-2001 MOS C42 Hanes 3.0  Magnier Globular Clusters as Dynamical Probes of the Sombrero Galaxy M104
22-May-2001 MOS F36 TREYER 4.0  Magnier Dust-free star-formation rate from a radio selected
sample of galaxies to the microJy level.
31-May-2001 CFHTIR C36 Artigau 3.0  Lai Irregularites de surface chez les naines brunes.
3-Jun-2001 CFHTIR C4 Davidge 4.0  Lai A Near-Infrared Survey of Metal-Poor Inner Spheroid Globular Clusters
7-Jun-2001 CFHTIR F50 Le Borgne 4.0  Lai Distribution en redshift et proprietes des galaxies faibles amplifiees par les amas-lentilles
11-Jun-2001 CFHTIR F29 Duchene 2.0  Lai Close companions to embedded protostars in the rho Ophiuchi and Serpens molecular clouds
25-Jun-2001 CFH12K F3A Gladman 3.0   Exploring the Kuiper Belt: A dynamical and compositional characterization to study the formation of the outer Solar System.
28-Jun-2001 Gecko Cafe C16 Walker 4.0  Manset Interstellar C_4 and C_5
3-Jul-2001 AOB IR H8B Stockton 1.0    
4-Jul-2001 AOB IR F33 Soucail 3.0   Etude morphologique a haute resolution de sources lumineuses dans 
l'infra-rouge moyen amplifiees par les amas-lentilles (suite et fin)
8-Jul-2001 Monica-2 C41 Marois 4.0   Recherche de compagnons faibles autour d'etoiles proches.
21-Jul-2001 CFH12K C11 Kavelaar 1.3   The history of the Uranian Satellites System
23-Jul-2001 CFH12K F3B Gladman 4.0   Exploring the Kuiper Belt: A dynamical and compositional characterization to study the formation of the outer Solar System.
29-Jul-2001 AOB F9 Dumas 2.0   Neptune: inner satellites and rings