2003A CFHT Schedule
Date Instrument ID PI SA Nights Title
10-Feb-2003 Gecko C6 Martin   5 Abundance Gradients in the Galaxy: Cepheids Spectroscopy with Gecko
15-Feb-2003 CFHTIR C1 Okon OL 4 Globular Cluster Systems in Giant Galaxies: Pursuing the Metallicity Distribution
19 Feb - 10 March       20 QUEUE
11-Mar-2003 AOB IR F29 Veillet CV 2 Binarity in the Solar System
13-Mar-2003   H36A Stalder TF 3 AO studies of high z radio source hosts near bright natural guide stars
17-Mar-2003 AOB GRiF H34B Liu TF 3 A high-resolution coronographic sensus of the solar neighborhood
20-Mar-2003   F26 Beuzit TF 2 A deep coronographic search for very cold brown dwarfs
22 Mar - 1 Apr       11 QUEUE
2-Apr-2003 MOS/FP F25 Amram PM 4 Dark matter distribution in Low Surface Brightness galaxies
6-Apr-2003   C19 Carignan PM 4 Ha Kinematics for the SINGS (SIrtf Nearby Galaxy Survey) Sample
11-Apr-2003 CFHTIR K5 Kim OL 2 CFHT-IR K'-bandImaging ObservationsofUltraluminous InfraredGalaxies andField QSOs.
14-Apr-2003   F8A Doressoundiram OL 2 Visible-infrared colors of the outer solar system objects
16-Apr-2003   C12 Hall OL 3 Infrared Confirmation of z>5.5 Quasar Candidates
19-Apr-2003   K4 Sohn OL 2 A Near-Infrared Survey of Metal Poor Inner Spheroid Globular Clsuters
21 Apr - 29 Apr       9 QUEUE
30-Apr-2003 MOS F13 Stasinska EM 1 The neon abundance of the most oxygen-poor planetary nebula 
1-May-2003   K3 Park EM 2 Spectroscopy of globular clusters in the Virgo giant elliptical galaxies M84 and M60
3-May-2003   C27 Yee EM 4 The Evolution of Cluster Galaxy Populations and Dynamics
7-May-2003   H24A Ebeling EM 2 MACS: Finding and characterizing the most massive galaxy clusters at 0.3 < z < 0.7
10-May-2003 AOB GRiF F18 Clenet OL 3 Spectro-imagerie de la r\'egion du centre galactique : recherche d'images 
gravitationnelles et analyse spectrale de la population stellaire.
14-May-2003   F23 Dumas OL 2 A study of small, outer-planets satellites with GriF
16-May-2003   F22 Lagrange OL 3 Search for circumstellar disks around stars with radial velocity companions
20 May - 8 Jun       20 QUEUE
9-Jun-2003 Gecko C8 Walker NM 4 Interstellar C4 and C5 - II
9-Jun-2003   C15 Bohlender NM 3 The three-dimensional isotopic helium abundance distribution of the
helium-variable star a Cen (HD 125823)
17-Jun-2003   F27 Andre NM 2 Estimating D/H throughout the galactic disk.
19 Jun - 7 Jul       19 QUEUE
8-Jul-2003 CFHTIR F8B Doressoundiram OL 2 Visible-infrared colors of the outer solar system objects
10-Jul-2003   F4 Bouvier OL 3 Young brown dwarfs and the substellar mass function: clues to the star formation process
13-Jul-2003 AOB GRiF F9 Field TF 4 The spatially resolved dynamics of star-forming regions, using PUEO + GriF
17-Jul-2003   F12 Forveille TF 2 The small scale structure of the Helix nebula (NGC~7293)
19 Jul- 31 Jul       13 QUEUE
OL -    Olivier Lai
CV -    Christian Veillet
TF -    Thierry Forveille
PM -    Pierre Martin
EM -    Eugene Magnier
NM -    Nadine Manset