2003B CFHT Schedule
Date Instrument ID PI SA Nights Title
1-4 Aug 2003 MegaPrime       QUEUE  
5-Aug-2003 OSIS V K8 Gu EM/RC 2.0 Masses of Supermassive Black Holes in Young Radio Sources    
7-Aug-2003 OSIS V C23 St-Louis EM/RC 6.0 In Pursuit of the Rotation Rates of Wolf-Rayet Stars    
13-Aug-2003 Shutdown     6.0    
19 Aug - 3 Sep 2003 MegaPrime       QUEUE  
4-Sep-2003 Gecko Red + Cafe F17 Black NM 2.0 The ionization rate of hydrogen in the neutral interstellar medium  
6-Sep-2003 Gecko UV + Cafe F29 Vidal-Madjar NM 2.0 The evaporating planet HD\,209458b: Jeans Escape or Blow Off ?    
8-Sep-2003 Gecko UV + Cafe C9 Shkolnik NM 5.0 Characterizing Planet-Star Interaction through Modulation of Ca II H \& K    
13-Sep-2003 Gecko UV + Cafe F29 Vidal-Madjar NM 1.0 The evaporating planet HD\,209458b: Jeans Escape or Blow Off ?    
14-Sep-2003 Gecko Red + Cafe C11 Bohlender NM 1.5 Diffusion, Light-induced Drift, and Winds in the HgMn Stars    
15-Sep-2003 Gecko Red + Cafe D   0.5    
16-Sep-2003 Gecko Red + Cafe E   1.0    
17 Sep - 3 Oct 2003 MegaPrime       QUEUE  
4-Oct-2003 CFHTIR F1 Doressoundiram TF 4.0 Visible-infrared colors of the outer solar system objects    
8-Oct-2003 CFHTIR K1 Kim TF 2.0 CFHT-IR K$'$-band Imaging Observations of Ultraluminous Infrared Galaxies and Field QSOs(II)  
10-Oct-2003 AOB IR H22A Stalder OL 3.5 AO studies of hig z radio sources near bright natural guide stars    
13-Oct-2003 AOB IR H42A Ftaclas OL 0.5 AO search for planets around white dwarfs with CFHT    
15-31 Oct 2003 MegaPrime       QUEUE  
1-Nov-2003 TRIDENT II + AOB C14 Lafreniere OL 3.0 Differential polarimetric imaging search for circumstellar disks around young stars    
4-Nov-2003 TRIDENT II + AOB C15 Voyer OL 3.0 A high resolution polarimetric study of disks around young stellar objects with TRIDENT II.  
8-Nov-2003 CFHTIR C16 Willott TF 2.0 The quasar luminosity and black hole mass functions at z=6 from the CFHTLS    
10-Nov-2003 CFHTIR C13 Edwards TF 3.0 Seaching for Molecular Hydrogen in Cooling Flow Clusters Abell 644, Abell 400 and AWM7  
13-Nov-2003 CFHTIR F23 Bouvier TF 3.0 Near-infrared follow-up of young brown dwarf candidates (Pleiades, Taurus)     
16 Nov - 2 Dec 2003 MegaPrime       QUEUE  
3-Dec-03 AOB GRiF F21 Clenet OL 2.0 Spectro-imagerie du tore mol\'eculaire de NGC~1068  
5-Dec-03 AOB GRiF E   OL 1.0  
6-Dec-03 AOB GRiF D   OL 1.0  
7-Dec-03 AOB GRiF F20 Chauvin OL 2.0 Spectroscopy of the young and nearby MBM12 association.    
9-Dec-2003 SIMON C17 Doyon PM 6.0 A Spectroscopic Determination of the Sub-stellar IMF in Orion    
15-30 Dec 2003 MegaPrime       QUEUE  
31-Dec-03 AOB GRiF F3 Coustenis   0.5 Titan's new face: a complete study of new geological and meteorological phenomena  
31-Dec-03 AOB GRiF D   0.5  
1-Jan-04 AOB GRiF F25 Lagrange   3.0 Investigating the faint environment of early type stars    
4-Jan-04 AOB GRiF H10D Liu   2.0 A high-resolution sensus of the solar neighborhood  
6/7-Jan-/2004 AOB GRiF F3 Coustenis   1.0 Titan's new face: a complete study of new geological and meteorological phenomena    
6/7-Jan-2004 AOB GRiF D   1.0  
8/9-Jan-2004 AOB IR F29   OL 2.0  
10-Jan-04 WIRCam E   1.0  
11-29 Jan 2004 MegaPrime     19.0 QUEUE  
30-Jan-2004 Gecko Red + Cafe F7 GERBALDI   2.0 Probing time dependant diffusion in A-type stars members of open clusters