Date Instrument Run ID PI SA Nights Proposal title
1-Feb-2004 Gecko Red + Cafe C20 Bohlender NM 2.0 A large-scale investigation of the small-scale structure of the interstellar medium
3-Feb-2004   C8 Manset NM 2.0 Spectroscopy of hot star candidates with recently formed circumstellar dust
5-Feb-2004 CFHTIR C14 Edwards OL 2.0 Molecular Hydrogen in Cooling Flow Clusters - Detections in Galaxies other than the Central Dominant Galaxy
7-Feb-2004   K4 Kim   2.0 CFHT-IR K$'$-band Imaging Observations of Ultraluminous Infrared Galaxies and Field QSOs.
9-Feb-2004   C13 Dawson   0.3 Empirical Temperature-Scale Calibration for Low-Mass Stars
10-Feb-2004   F1B Doressoundiram OL 2.0 Visible-infrared colors of the outer solar system objects
12-29 Feb 2004 MegaPrime Queue       18.0  
2-Mar-2004 CFHTIR H46A2 Sanders TF 3.0  
5-Mar-2004   C23 McCall TF 3.0 Probing the Uniformity of the Local Sheet Environment:PULSE
8-Mar-2004 LAPOUNE F20 Charpinet PM 4.0 Asteroseismology of pulsating subdwarf B stars: A CFHT/WHT campaign with multicolor photometry 
12-30 Mar 2004 MegaPrime Queue       19.0  
1-Apr-2004 AOB IR H59A Ftaclas OL 1.0 Adaptive Optics Search for Extrasolar Planet Companions Around White Dwarfs
2-Apr-2004   H52A Stalder OL 2.0 AO Studies of High z Radio Source Hosts Near Bright Natural Guide Stars
5-Apr-2004 Gecko Red + Cafe C11 Bohlender NM 3.0 The isotopic helium abundances of the hot field horizontal branch star Feige 86
9-29 Apr 2004 MegaPrime Queue       21.0  
2-May-2004 CFHTIR C4 Willott OL 2.0 The quasar luminosity and black hole mass functions at z=6 from the CFHTLS
4-May-2004   T2 Kwok OL 2.0 Imaging of Molecular Hydrogen Emission in Planetary Nebulae
8-13 May 2004 MegaPrime Queue       6.0  
14-May-2004 MOS C17 Hanes DW 5.0 Globular Clusters as Dynamical Probes of the Dark Halos of Early-Type Galaxies: Omnipresent or Not?
19-26 May 2004 MegaPrime Queue       8.0  
27-May-2004 CFHTIR C18 Yee TF 3.0 Deep Imaging of High-z Galaxy Clusters with Submm Sources
30-May-2004   F13 Bouvier TF 4.0 Near-infrared imaging of optically selected brown dwarf candidates in pre-main sequence clusters
3-Jun-2004   K1 Sohn OL 1.5 Near-Infrared Census of Metal Poor Globular Clsuters in the Galactic Bulge
5-Jun-2004   F1A Doressoundiram OL 2.0 Visible-infrared colors of the outer solar system objects
9-25 Jun 2004 MegaPrime Queue       17.0  
26-Jun-2004 AOB IR F16 Lagrange OL 4.0 Investigating low-mass companions around early type stars
1-Jul-2004 AOB GRiF F6 Forveille TF 2.0 The small scale structure of the Helix nebula (NGC~7293)
3-Jul-2004   F12 Cl\'enet TF 3.0 Spectro-imagerie de la r\'egion du centre galactique : recherche d'images d\'edoubl\'ees par lentille gravitationnelle et analyse spectrale de la population stellaire d'\'etoiles massives.
8-23 Jul 2004 MegaPrime Queue       16.0  
24-Jul-2004 Espadons     NM/RC 5.0 Science Verification
29-Jul-2004 Gecko Red + Cafe F3 GERBALDI NM 3.0 Probing time dependant diffusion in A-type stars members of open clusters