2006A CFHT Schedule

Date Instrument Run ID PI Nights Support Astro Proposal title       
7-Feb-2006 ESPaDOnS T13 Dinh 1 N. Manset Probing the inner hole in the rotating disk around Herbig Ae/Be stars  
8-Feb-2006 ESPaDOnS T12 Dinh 2 N. Manset Circumstellar disk around AGB and post-AGB stars      
10-Feb-2005 ESPaDOnS F28 Paletou 3 N. Manset Characterising the magnetic topologies in the core regions of protostellar accretion discs
13-Feb-2006 ESPaDOnS F22 Lemasle 2.5 N. Manset On the reality of the transition zone around 9-12 kpc in the galactic abundance gradient.
15-Feb-2006 ESPaDOnS F7A Catala 1.5 O. Lai Magnetic fields in the pre-main sequence Herbig Ae/Be stars    
4-Apr-2006 MOS/FP C15 Carignan 4 P. Martin H_alpha Kinematics Survey of the SINGS (SIrtf Nearby Galaxy Survey) Sample
8-Jun-2006 ESPaDOnS C12 Bohlender 3 O. Lai Planet-star interactions with ESPaDOns - a multi-wavelength approach  
11-Jun-2006 ESPaDOnS H20A Shkolnik 3 O. Lai Planet-star interaction with ESPaDOnS - a multi-wavelength approach  
14-Jun-2006 ESPaDOnS F31 Donati 0.3 N. Manset Investigating the origin and evolutionary impact of magnetic fields in very hot stars
15-Jun-2006 ESPaDOnS F7B Catala 1.5 N. Manset Magnetic fields in the pre-main sequence Herbig Ae/Be stars    
17-Jun-2006 ESPaDOnS F34 Moutou 1.5 N. Manset Deep spectro-polarimetric follow-up of the transiting extrasolar system OHP-TR-1