Call for 2025A - 2026B CFHT Large Programs

CFHT in the twilight. Credit: CFHT

February 16, 2024

As proposed in its 10-year plan, CFHT is opening up to 400 nights for Large Programs to be executed over a maximum of 1.5 years for MegaCam, and a maximum of 2 years for ESPaDOnS and SPIRou.

This new round of Large Programs will be followed by a Community Survey (similar to the very successful CFHT Legacy Survey - CFHTLS). Details regarding this Community Survey will be developed in the coming year.

NRC (Canada) and CNRS (France) are offering up to 70% of their agency time for this round of Large Programs.

The Call for Large Programs is now open

Proposals must be submitted before May 1st, 2024, 23:59UT.

Interested teams MUST submit a "Letter of Intent to Submit a CFHT Large Program Proposal" before March 1st 23:59 UT, by sending an email (plain text or PDF file) to the Executive Director . These LoI are required but non-binding. Details are available on the "Call for Letters of Intent to Submit a CFHT Large Program Proposal" page