The ninth CFHT Users' Meeting will be held in CsabeTaipei, Taiwan, on November 16 to 18, 2010. The Academia Sinica Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics (ASIAA) will host the meeting.

It will be the first time for CFHT to hold its triennial Users' Meeting outside of one of its three member nations, acknowledging the important role played by the ongoing collaboration with ASIAA, which started in 2001 and is now in its 10th year. Together with South-Korea in the past and Brazil since 2010A, these collaborations have brought to CFHT new users and many opportunities to gather a wider community around scientific projects as well as instrument design and fabrication.

This Users' Meeting, nicknamed "CFHT Decade 4", comes after the celebration of CFHT's 30th birthday in 2009, at a time when the observatory is defining with its users and member agencies its development plan for [2010-2020].

  • The meeting will be a great opportunity to share the achievements of the past years, with the final release of the CFHT Legacy Survey happening during the meeting and a new generation of Large Programs starting or being already underway.
  • With many new instruments in various stages of initial development, (SPIRou, SITELLE, `IMAKA, Gyes, ...) and the exciting scientific applications and potential large programs and collaborations they could trigger, the meeting will allow the communities to come, present and share with all the status of these projects.
  • With the CFHT Corporation envisioning to broaden its membership beyond Canada, France and Hawaii, the meeting will be a unique opportunity to showcase the achievements of the CFHT community as well as the many exciting options its future will offer, thus maintaining the observatory at the forefront of today's astronomy.

  • Invited Papers


  • The Final Release of the CFHTLS (Y. Mellier)
  • CFHTLS Scientific Achievements: From the Solar System to our Galaxy (JJ Kavelaars)
  • CFHTLS Scientific Achievements: Beyond our Galaxy (H. Aussel)
  • Large Programs

  • The MiMeS Project: Magnetism in Massive Stars (G.A. Wade and the MiMeS Collaboration)
  • The Pan-Andromeda Archaeological Survey (Alan McConnachie & the PAndAS team)
  • The Next Generation Virgo Cluster Survey: First Science Results (Laura Ferrarese and the NGVS Team)
  • Magnetic Protostars and Planets (MaPP) (J.F. Donati and the MaPP collaboration)
  • Searching z ~ 7 QSOs with WIRCAM in the CFHT-LS Wide fields (J.G. Cuby)
  • Thermal Emission of Transiting Exoplanets (TETrEs) (B. Croll)
  • New instrumentation

  • GYES a multi-object fibre-fed spectrograph for the CFHT prime focus (P. Bonifacio & the GYES Team)
  • SITELLE - A wide-field imaging Fourier transform spectrometer for the CFHT (L. Drissen & the SITELLE team)
  • SPIRou: A near-infrared high-precision radial-velocity spectrograph and spectropolarimeter (J.F. Donati and the SPIRou team)
  • `IMAKA: A wide-field visible imager using GLAO and OTCDD (M. Chun and the `IMAKA team)