CFHT UM2016 - Registration

Registration and abstract submission to the 2016 Users' Meeting are available through links on this page. Please be sure to include all registration information including dinner reservations and any special meal requests. The Abstract submission deadline is 22 February 2016 and Registration Deadline will be 1 April 2016.



Click here if you registered but still need to make payment



Oral / Poster presentations

For poster presentations a number of poster display stands will be available on-site. Each poster board will accommodate 2 posters so posters must not require more than 2 (length) x 1 (width) meter (6.56ft x 3.28ft). Supplies to attach posters to display stands will be provided.

For those that will be doing an oral presentation, a Windows 10 computer will be provided to make the transition between presentations as smooth as possible. As a secondary option we'll also have a Macbook Pro (OS X El Capitan - Version 10.11) available as well. We encourage the use of the primary Windows 10 computer, recommend that you provide us with your file(s) well in advance of your scheduled presentation, and test your presentation on the computer(s) as well. If you want to use your own laptop please let us know as well so we can assist with the transition between presentations.

The computer(s) provided will have the following presentation software available:

Primary Computer - Windows 10

  1. Microsoft PowerPoint 2013
  2. LibreOffice Impress (Latest Version)
  3. Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

Secondary Computer - MacOS X

  1. Keynote 6.6.1 (Latest Version)
  2. LibreOffice Impress (Lastest Version)
  3. Adobe Acrobat Reader DC