`IMAKA Documents

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Phase A Planning Preparation

  • `IMAKA Phase A Planning Preparation Document
  • The CFHT Instrument Design Specifications (IDS) can be found here.

  • SPIE 2010 papers

  • `IMAKA: Imaging from MAuna KeA optical design Clinton Evans, Hua Lin, Ashley McColgan, Neil Rowlands, Derrick Salmon
  • `Imaka: a Lagrangian Invariant of ELTs. Olivier Lai, Mark R. Chun, John Pazder, Jean-Pierre Véran, Laurent Jolissaint, David Andersen, Derrick Salmon, Jean-Charles Cuillandre
  • Imaka: a one-degree high-resolution imager for the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope Mark R. Chun et al

  • Feasibility Study

  • Science case
  • Instrument Concept
  • The whole public feasibility report