OPERA - Open source Pipeline for ESPaDOnS Reduction and Analysis

OPERA is an open-source data reduction pipeline for ESPaDOnS, an optical high-resolution spectro-polarimeter used at the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope since 2004.

OPERA can be used as an alternative to the operational Upena/Libre-ESpRIT pipeline, which is currently used to create the products offered to ESPaDOnS PIs and accessible through the CADC website.

OPERA has also been adapted to reduce data for the Gemini Remote Access to CFHT ESPaDOnS Spectrograph (GRACES) project. Additional information on GRACES can be found on Gemini/GRACES webpage.

OPERA is developed by Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope. It can be downloaded from SourceForge. Any comments or questions can be sent to opera@cfht.hawaii.edu.

OPERA news

  • March 2 2015: New OPERA version (can reduce GRACES data) updated on SourceForge .
  • Feb 13 2015: OPERA version updated on SourceForge.
  • May 5-6 2014: GRACES data are reduced using OPERA. Results are shown on Gemini website