MegaCam QSO Programs for 2009B

Note: Clarification on C programs

RUNIDPI namePrg TypeI-time (hrs) GradeTitle
09BC01HutchingsRegular10CEnvironments of UV-extreme QSOs at redshift 2
09BC02CoteRegular13.5BA MegaCam Survey of Substructures in the Galactic Halo
09BC03DavidgeRegular5CA Search for Diffuse Stellar Groups in the M81 Debris Field
09BC04MarshallRegular24BEtude de l'interaction entre cirrus et du gaz a vitesse intermediaire par une determination de l'extinction interstellaire en trois dimensions
09BC05WegnerWegner1.1CImaging the Double Galaxy Cluster Abell 2465
09BC09HoekstraRegular30.5AA comprehensive study of dark matter and baryon stripping in galaxy clusters
09BC10DavidgeRegular6.4CDiggin' the Blues in M33: The Distribution of Hot Stars in the Disk of the Nearest Sc Galaxy
09BC21GladmanRegular3AFollow-up for the North Ecliptic Wedge (NEW) survey
09BF01AdamiRegular27BMagnified Weak Lensing Tomography With Massive Rich Clusters of Galaxies
09BF02RouanTOO15AFollow-up of the exoplanet program of the CoRoT satellite : confirmation of planetary transits and identification of {\it false positive}.
09BF06IbataRegular10ACompletion of "The tidal evolution of the Sagittarius dwarf galaxy, and the large-scale distribution of matter around the Milky Way"
09BF07DucRegular18.7AThe environment of early-type galaxies: searching for signs of a past merger
09BF09LehnertRegular15BConfirming Superclusters That Give Rise to the ISW Effect
09BF11PetitRegular3AFollow-up for the North Ecliptic Wedge (NEW) survey
09BF13IbataRegular2.1AGlobular cluster systems of nearby edge-on spirals (MegaCam)
09BF19Valls-GabaudRegular6CSearching for the stellar Magellanic Stream
09BF23VerganiRegular15CIdentification of the foreground strong absorbers along GRB lines of sight using the photometric redshift technique
09BF24BurgarellaRegular19.4BAn optical survey of HerMES counterparts in the Lockman-SWIRE field
09BH36TholenRegular1AFollow-up Astrometry of Near-Earth Objects
09BH43 MagnierRegular2.5AThird-Epoch Proper Motion Observations for Taurus, NGC 1333, IC 348
09BH94MagnierRegular25BA Deep u- and J-band Survey of the PS1 Medium Deep Fields
09BH95MagnierRegular20AA Deep u- and J-band Survey of the PS1 Medium Deep Fields
09BT02HuRegular4BSearch for Halo White Dwarfs in the CFHTLS Deep Survey
09BT04UrataTOO5AOptical Monitoring of Gamma-ray Burst afterglows
09BT99UrataTOO5BOptical Monitoring of Gamma-ray Burst afterglows