ESPaDOnS QSO Programs for 2010A

Note: Clarification on C programs

RUNIDPI namePrg TypeI-time (hrs) GradeTitle
10AC37SilvesterRegular11.4ACartography of the magnetic fields and chemical spots of Ap stars
10AC27MatthewsRegular25BDoes the delta Sct star rho Puppis show solar-like oscillations, as predicted?
10AC28MansetSnapshot3SSpectropolarimetry of the mysterious eclipsing binary system Epsilon Aurigae during the first half of the total eclipse
10AF09CatalaRegular2ASpectroscopic Characterization of Kepler Asteroseismic Targets - open cluster targets
10AF11BouvierRegular24AThe Magnetic Sun in Time
10AF16LignieresRegular4.7ASearch for a magnetic field on Sirius : towards a new class of magnetic A-type stars
10AF18Van GrootelRegular40BTo the core: a search for magnetic fields in hot subdwarfs
10AF97CatalaRegular7.5BSpectroscopic Characterization of Kepler Asteroseismic Targets - field stars
10AF99BouvierRegular14BThe Magnetic Sun in Time
10AH06CiezaRegular19.7AUnderstanding transition disks: followup SMA imaging and radial velocity survey
10AH37UrbanejaRegular28BStructured fast winds of Planetary Nebulae stars