MegaCam QSO Programs for 2010A

Note: Clarification on C programs

RUNIDPI namePrg TypeI-time (hrs) GradeTitle
10AB05SantiagoRegular16ADeep imaging of edge-on galaxies in nearby clusters: probing environmental effects on thick discs and stellar halos.
10AB07CyprianoRegular23.6BLensing properties of fossil clusters
10AB99CyprianoRegular7.4CLensing properties of fossil clusters
10AC06CoteRegular42AA MegaCam Survey of Substructures in the Galactic Halo
10AC11HoekstraRegular11.2AA comprehensive study of dark matter and baryon stripping in galaxy clusters
10AC02HarrisRegular14BThe M87 PNe Survey: Testing Galaxy Formation in Clusters
10AC03 RicherRegular6BSearching for Evidence of White Dwarf Kicks
10AC21KavelaarsRegular16BTacking the NGVS trans-neptunians: measuring the migration of Neptune.
10AC36YeeRegular26.5BGalaxy Evolution in Rich Clusters at z > 1
10AC35WebbRegular11.1CUnderstanding Galaxy Evolution in Dense Cluster Environments
10AC99RicherRegular10.16CSearching for Evidence of White Dwarf Kicks
10AF20PetitRegular18AProbing supply paths from the inner Oort cloud
10AF25RouanRegular16AFollow-up of the exoplanet program of the CoRoT satellite : confirmation of planetary transits and identification of false positive.
10AO01AltmannRegular3BCreating astrometric and photometric calibration fields for GAIA II
10AF02DurretRegular2BOphiuchus: probably the richest and brightest nearby cluster of galaxies
10AF06IbataRegular14.5BMeasuring the shape of dark matter halos with stellar streams
10AF08Valls-GabaudRegular1.5BCompletion of Program: Galaxy Populations in Large Quasar Groups at 0.8
10AF13RousselotRegular1.5BPhotometric study of the extreme trans-neptunian 2009 MS9
10AF17LehnertRegular9BDiffuse H-alpha Emission in the M81/M82 Group: More Caps, Nature of Outflows, Intergroup Star-formation.
10AF96PetitRegular8BProbing supply paths from the inner Oort cloud
10AF01AdamiRegular10CMagnified Weak Lensing Tomography With Massive Rich Clusters of Galaxies (II)
10AF07Huertas-CompanyRegular20CDeep color-magnitude relations in =0.25 clusters: probing the formation of dwarf galaxies
10AF10Valls-GabaudRegular5.6CSearching for extratidal structures in the outskirts of the outer halo globular clusters
10AT18UrataRegular7AOptical Monitoring of Gamma-ray Burst afterglows
10AT01NgeowRegular4BCepheids and Long Period Variables in NGC 4258
10AT06ChenRegular11BTacking the NGVS trans-Neptunians, measuring the migration of Neptune.
10AT09LuRegular0.5BJoint CFHT/HST/Chandra Observations of the Galactic Globular Clusters Terzan 3 and NGC 6535
10AT08UmetsuRegular10CConstraining the Galaxy Population Evolution in Clusters of Galaxies
10AH19TholenRegular2AFollow up astrometry of near Earth objects and interesting WISE discoveries
10AH15WainscoatRegular5BRapid follow up of important solar system discoveries from Pan-STARRS