WIRCam QSO Programs for 2010A

Note: Clarification on C programs

RUNIDPI namePrg TypeI-time (hrs) GradeTitle
10AC10PuziaRegular23AThe Next Generation Virgo Survey -- Infrared: Ks-Band Observations of the Central 4 deg square
10AC30CrollRegular25BMulti-wavelength near-infrared thermal emission from the hottest of the hot Jupiters
10AC98YeeRegular22BGalaxy Evolution in Rich Clusters at z > 1
10AC34WebbRegular16.1C Understanding Galaxy Evolution in Dense Cluster Environments
10AF05LehnertRegular21AMassive Galaxies at High Redshift: Deep H-band Imaging of the SERVS fields
10AO02HopwoodRegular1.4BDeep JHKs-band imaging of the gravitational lensing cluster Abell 2218
10AF03LanconRegular23BThe Next Generation Virgo Survey -- Infrared: Ks-Band Observations of the Central 4 deg square
10AF12ForveilleRegular15BSearching for ultracool brown dwarfs - a WIRCam extension to the Canada-France Brown Dwarfs Survey
10AF15NesvadbaRegular15BTwo birds with one stone: Identifying two galaxy overdensities surrounding two submillimeter galaxies at z~2.3 with one observation
10AF14SoucailRegular17C Probing the dark matter distribution and the mass-to-light ratio of galaxy groups with the CFHTLS Strong Lensing Legacy Survey (SL2S)
10AT04LinRegular12AWIRCAM Imaging in Extended GOODS-N: Searching for the Most Luminous Galaxies at z > 7
10AT03WangRegular5BDeep J-Band Imaging of the Strong Lensing Cluster A2390
10AT07ChiangSnapshot1SIdentication of T Dwarfs with Methane Imaging
10AH31DupuyRegular13.8ADynamical masses of brown dwarfs and low mass stars
10AH10GotoRegular24BCFHT/WIRCam imaging of the AKARI NEP deep field
10AH23CowieRegular20BSearching for Z>>4 ultraluminous dusty galaxies