ESPaDOnS QSO Programs for 2011A

Note: Clarification on C programs

RUNIDPrg TypePI nameI-time (hrs) GradeTitle
11AB07 Regular Carciofi 3.36 A: must do Spectropolarimetry probing the structure and dynamics of a circumstellar decretion disk
11AB04 Regular Pereyra 6.4 B: priority Spectropolarimetry of Herbig Ae/Be stars
11AB01 Regular Barbuy 7 B: priority Neutron-capture elements in HD140283: r- or s-process?
11AB06 Regular Janot-Pacheco 8 B: priority The magnetic field for late-type giants across the coronal dividing line
11AB05 Regular do Nascimento 8 B: priority The Magnetic Sun in time: Investigating the sun's magnetic history through spectropolarimetry
11AB99 Regular Janot-Pacheco 4.4 C: best effort The magnetic field for late-type giants across the coronal dividing line
11AC07 Regular Drissen 1.35 A: must do The onset of a BalQSO phase in the EUV depleted quasar Ton 34
11AC04 Regular Fossati 12 A: must do Signatures of rocky planets in the atmospheres of planet-hosting stars
11AC02 Regular Rucinski 22 B: priority AW UMa: The crucial object for the contact binary model
11AC13 Regular Malo 14 C: best effort Age-Dating of Low-Mass Candidate members of Nearby Young Kinematic Groups
11AC17 Regular Grunhut 12.5 C: best effort Monitoring the magnetic variability and topology of late-type supergiants
11AC29 Regular Sabin 17 C: best effort Searching for Magnetic fields in the central stars of Planetary Nebulae
11AC15 Snapshot Manset 1.2 Snapshot End-of-eclipse spectropolarimetric observations of the mysterious Eps Aur
11AC10 Snapshot Wade 7.4 Snapshot Great balls of fire! Monitoring the magnetic fields of intermediate-mass red giant stars
11AC18 Snapshot Grunhut 20.5 Snapshot A survey of the magnetic field properties of late-type supergiants
11AF04 Regular Gillet 12 A: must do A self-magnetic-field generation in the plasma of radiative shock wave of pulsating stars to explain the polarization of hydrogen lines
11AF03 Regular Doressoundiram 9 B: priority Mercury's exosphere: spatial distribution of the Na/K ratio
11AF12 Regular Petit (Pascal) 12 B: priority The magnetic field of Sirius : exploration of a new class of magnetic stars among intermediate-mass stars
11AT01 Regular Wang (Jia-wei) 6.4 A: must do Detecting the photoevaporation evidence in a homologously depleted transition circumstellar disk
11AT03 Regular Chou 8.5 C: best effort Chemically Testing A Possible Nearby Sagittarius Tidal Structure
11AH11 Regular Gaidos 4 A: must do Census of Planets around Nearby Late K and Early M Dwarf Stars
11AH26 Regular Cieza 10.4 B: priority Third-epoch CFHT spectroscopy of transition objects in Perseus and Taurus-Auriga
11AH96 Regular Cieza 8 C: best effort A Herschel Survey of Weak-Line T Tauri Star Disks: ancillary data
11AP11 Regular Donati 1 A: must do MaPP
11AP13 Regular Wade 1 A: must do MiMeS
11AP12 Regular Donati 1 B: priority MaPP
11AP14 Regular Wade 1 B: priority MiMeS