SITELLE QSO programs for 2016B

Note: Clarification on C programs

RUNID PI Name Prg Type I-time (h) Grade Title
16BC16 Joncas Regular 22.9 A Thermodynamics of HII regions: Sh2-158
16BC19 Melchior Regular 8.0 A Characterizing the Closest LINER: Andromeda Bulge.
16BC03 Loubser Regular 12.6 B A census of star formation and AGN feedback in members of groups and cool-core clusters
16BC06 Drissen Regular 22.5 B A spatially complete view of interacting galaxies: the case of Arp 82, Arp 132 and Arp 202
16BC14 Alarie Regular 8.5 B A multispectral analysis of Cygnus Loop
16BC23 Lavoie Regular 24.0 C SOURCES : A wide field, blind search of star forming galaxies in XXL X-ray clusters
16BC24 St-Louis Regular 9.2 C Using SITELLE to Map the Pre-SN Circumstellar Medium around the WR nebula NGC6888
16BC29 Edwards Regular 24.0 C Building todays most massive galaxies