SITELLE QSO programs for 2018B

Note: Clarification on C programs

RUNID PI Name Prg Type I-time (h) Grade Title
18BC06 Yee Regular 12.0 A Panoramic View of Star Formation in Rich Galaxy Clusters
18BC21 Sevigny Regular 7.3 A A High Spatial Coverage Study of the Mass-Loss History of the WR Wind-Blown Bubble NGC 2359
18BC04 Robert Regular 10.0 B The lopsided galaxy NGC1637 with SITELLE
18BC17 Radica Regular 12.0 B A SITELLE Survey for Broadened H-alpha P-Cygni Profiles in NGC 6946 from Core-collapse Supernovae Light Echoes
18BC10 Loubser Regular 17.5 C Warm gas morphology and ionisation mechanisms in the centers of galaxy groups NGC 1060 and NGC 193
18BC20 Joncas Regular 13.0 C Thermodynamics of HII regions: Orion
18BF01 Durret Regular 16.0 A Star formation in the galaxies of the Cl0016+1609 supercluster
18BH50 Martin Regular 9.1 A Colliding galaxies NGC2207/IC2163: Star-forming fireworks seen with SITELLE
18BT06 Wang Regular 6.58 A Identifying the host galaxies of low-z damped Lyman-alpha systems
18BT01 Hsieh Regular 8.0 B The Emission-line Galaxy Population in Rich Galaxy Clusters
18BP41 Rousseau-Nepton Regular 32.5 A SIGNALS