SPIRou QSO programs for 2019A

Note: Clarification on C programs

RUNID PI Name Prg Type I-time (h) Grade Title
19AC12 Herman Regular 10 A The chemical inventory of exoplanet tau Bootis b
19AC29 Pelletier Regular 6 A Probing the Elemental Compositions of Hot Jupiters using High-Resolution NIR Spectroscopy
19AC21 Darveau Bernier Regular 4.3 B Probing the atmosphere of ultra hot Jupiters using eclipse spectroscopy with SPIRou
19AC07 Artigau Regular 5.0 B Brown dwarf properties revealed at high spectral resolution. A pilot study
19AC16 Boucher Regular 11.4 B Atmospheric Characterization of Hot Jupiters using Transmission Spectroscopy with SPIRou
19AC11 Deibert Regular 10 B Constraining the carbon abundance of a super-Earth atmosphere
19AC26 Jahandar Regular 9.2 C High resolution spectroscopy and characterization of M dwarf binaries
19AC98 Perron-Cormier Regular 1.4 C Revealing the nature of HD176232
19AF14 Almenara Regular 6.0 A Obliquity measurement of the multiplanetary, interacting system Kepler-419
19AF07 Bonfils Regular 4.2 A Transmission spectroscopy of an exo-Earth atmosphere
19AF16 Hebrard Regular 12.5 B Studying exoplanets evaporation with SPIRou through helium absortion
19AF17 Vigan Regular 3.2 B High-spectral resolution direct characterization of young sub-stellar companions imaged around M-stars
19AF02 Moutou Regular 7.9 B Small Sisters:do M secondaries of planet-hosting primaries in distant binaries also host planetary systems?
19AF26 Morin Regular 20 C Beyond SLS: unveiling the magnetic field and planets of very active M dwarfs with SPIRou
19AT02 Takami Regular 9.1 A Exploring Magnetic Fields toward Outbursting YSOs (I): An Initial Survey
19AH28 Weiss Regular 7.5 A Wavelength-Dependence of RV Jitter in Young, Magnetically Active Stars
19AP40 Donati Regular 224 A SPIRou Legacy Survey