WIRCAM QSO programs for 2019A

Note: Clarification on C programs

RUNID PI Name Prg Type I-time (h) Grade Title
19AC99 Ruan Regular 3.91 A ToO Monitoring of Optical/IR Counterparts to Gravitational-Wave Events in LIGO/Virgo Observing Run 3
19AC09 Shaw Regular 2.82 B WIRCAM NIR follow-up of very faint X-ray transients discovered by Swift
19AF98 Ordenes Regular 10.8 A One mass to rule them all? -- GC systems in spiral galaxies with precise central black hole masses
19AH33 Gaidos Regular 5.0 A What Orbits a Mysterious Young Dipper Star in Taurus?
19AH32 Liu Regular 11.9 B Formation of Giant Planets and Brown Dwarfs on Wide Orbits
19AH24 Zhang Regular 2.0 C Ejected Brown Dwarf Infants
19AH98 Liu Regular 5.0 C Extending Dynamical Masses to the Planetary-Mass Regime
19AP32 Liu Regular 50.0 A CIPP
19AS01 Cheng Regular 13.8 A Deep Near-IR Imaging of the IRAC Dark Field (IDF) -- Preparing for the JWST
19AS04 Bhardwaj Regular 9.0 B Constraining metallicity effects on the near-infrared pulsation properties of RR Lyrae variables
19AS10 Jiang Regular 9.6 B NIR Imaging of Nearby Galaxies with MIR flares II: Further Monitoring and Completing the Sample
19AT04 Lin Regular 5.1 A Panoramic uJK imaging of a prominent protocluster at z = 2.3