ESPaDOnS QSO programs for 2019B

Note: Clarification on C programs

RUNID PI Name Prg Type I-time (h) Grade Title
19BC02 Landstreet Regular 5.0 A Searching for and studying the rare super-weak magnetic fields in white dwarf stars
19BC05 Albert Regular 0.2 A Echelle Spectroscopy of an M Star to Enable Wavelength Calibration of the NIRISS Instrument Onboard JWST
19BC06 Lavail Regular 3.6 A Tracking the unprecedented magnetic evolution of the magnetic field of the active M dwarf AD Leo
19BC98 Landstreet Regular 16.5 B Searching for and studying the rare super-weak magnetic fields in white dwarf stars
19BC03 Wade Regular 1.0 C Measuring the ultra-slow rotation of the magnetic O star HD 54879
19BC20 Erba Regular 3.0 C Measuring the Surface Magnetic Field of the Most Slowly Rotating Of?p Star: HD 108
19BC23 Wade Regular 22.0 C Characterisation of the magnetic fields of early-type giants and supergiants
19BC33 Wade Regular 16.0 C A census of magnetic B-type stars in the Orion OB1 association: detailed investigation of selected targets
19BC34 David-Uraz Regular 6.4 C MOBSTER: Spectropolarimetric follow-up of magnetic B-type candidates as identified with TESS
19BF21 Ibata Regular 15.0 A Exploring the dark sector with Gaias stellar streams
19BF15 Alecian Regular 34.3 B Magnetic field structure of the enigmatic young accreting binary DQ Tau
19BF35 Ouazzani Regular 32.0 B Magnetic field detection survey for Gamma Doradus stars
19BF08 Casamiquela Snapshot 33.0 S EvOC-Gaia: Detailed chemical properties of the most nearby evolved Open Clusters
19BF13 Bonifacio Snapshot 10.0 S Measuring Intermediate metallicity Neutron Capture Elements
19BF20 Sestito Snapshot 45.0 S Spectroscopic follow-up of the very metal-poor stars candidates in the bright end of the Pristine Survey
19BT02 Takami Regular 4.0 A Monitoring Long-Term Variability of Active T Tauri Stars (VII)