ESPaDOnS QSO programs for 2020B

Note: Clarification on C programs

RUNID PI Name Prg Type I-time (h) Grade Title
20BC20 Barron Regular 12.3 A A first systematic study of the magnetic fields of classical Cepheid stars
20BC26 Sikora Regular 9.4 B Evolved X-ray Bright Kepler/K2 Stars: An Untapped Sample of Stellar Merger Candidates/TD>
20BC31 Barron Regular 9.57 B Confirmation of Magnetic O Star Candidates Identified from Rotational Modulation of TESS Photometry
20BC16 Erba Regular 1.0 C Continued Monitoring of the Archetypal Magnetic beta Cep Star xi1 CMa
20BC32 Wade Regular 20.0 C Characterizing the magnetic fields of early-type giants and supergiants
20BC03 Khalack Snapshot 3.4 S Study the abundance stratification in magnetic CP stars with extremely slow rotation
20BC10 Kobzar Snapshot 4.5 S Spectropolarimetric study of roAp stars recently discovered with TESS
20BF01 Bouvier Regular 18.0 A Are young nascent planets orbiting classical T Tauri stars?
20BF03 Casamiquela Regular 8.5 B Spectroscopic characterization of Stock 2, the most nearby extended main sequence cluster
20BF06 Martin Regular 7.3 B Chemical Confirmation of the Origin of Dynamical Debris from Ancient Mergers
20BF12 Alecian Regular 33.0 B Magnetic field structure of the enigmatic young accreting binary DQ Tau
20BF14 Lopez-Ariste Regular 5.5 B Using linear polarimetry to estimate spin-orbit angles of transiting planets
20BF19 Jablonka Regular 30 B Bright and Extremely Metal-Poor Star Candidates in the PRISTINE Survey
20BF02 Pouilly Snapshot 5.0 S Deriving the spectroscopic orbit of the young star HQ Tau
20BF05 Bonifacio Snapshot 12.7 S Measuring Intermediate metallicity Neutron Capture Elements
20BH02 Gaidos Regular 5.0 A Probing the Debris from Rocky Planet Formation around a Young Star
20BS02 Li Regular 5.1 A Relationship between the bifurcated main-sequence of NGC 2422 and stellar rotation
20BS01 Tang Regular 6.53 B Chemically tagging the LAMOST nitrogen-rich metal-poor field giants
20BS15 Li Regular 6.97 B Understanding AGB nucleosynthesis through CEMP-s turnoff stars
20BS05 Ren Snapshot 8.5 S Measuring the orbital periods of 8 close white dwarf plus FGK binaries
20BT02 Takami Regular 4.0 A Monitoring Long-Term Variability of Active T Tauri Stars (VIII)