SPIRou QSO programs for 2020B

Note: Clarification on C programs
Snapshot programs are not charged to agencies and are not included in the calculation of the number of nights needed per semester.
The 488h correspond to 70 nights for semester 2020B for SPIRou.

RUNID PI Name Prg Type I-time (h) Grade Title
20BC28 Marquette Regular 13.9 A Developing new techniques in exoplanet characterization: high dispersion eclipse mapping of KELT-20 b
20BC35 Pelletier Regular 9.0 B Probing the Elemental Compositions of Hot Jupiters using High-Resolution NIR Spectroscopy
20BC06 Boucher Regular 9.0 B Towards the best C/O ratio measurement of a transiting exoplanet
20BC22 Lim Regular 7.8 B Measurement of the Rossiter-McLaughlin Effect of TRAPPIST-1b
20BC30 Jahandar Regular 9.13 B High resolution spectroscopy and characterization of M dwarf binaries
20BC27 Sikora Regular 3.6 B The He Lines in Exoplanets (HeLEx) Survey
20BF18 Bonfils Regular 7.8 A Transmission spectroscopy of an exo-Earth atmosphere
20BF09 Debras Regular 8.9 B Atmospherix : ATMOSPHERic Investigation of eXoplanets
20BF98 Pouilly Snapshot 5.0 S Deriving the spectroscopic orbit of the young star HQ Tau
20BF04 Martins Snapshot 27 S A near-infrared SPIRou spectral atlas of O stars
20BH98 Gaidos Regular 2.0 A Atmospheres of Planets near the Neptune Desert around M Dwarf Stars
20BH97 Petric Regular 4.0 A Spectro-polarimetry of obscured AGN
20BH33 Lin Regular 19.3 B Testify expansion as the culprit of extended structure in the young star cluster NGC 2232 with CHFT/SPIRou radial velocity measurement
20BS04 Gan Regular 7 A Mass measurement of a TESS hot Jupiter candidate orbiting an M dwarf
20BP40 Donati Regular 381 A SLS