ESPaDOnS QSO programs for 2021A

Note: Clarification on C programs

RUNID PI Name Prg Type I-time (h) Grade Title
21AC11 Shultz Regular 5.2 A Magnetic Characterization of Two Newly Discovered Hot Star Magnetospheres in rho Ophiuchus
21AC15 Erba Regular 1.0 A Continued Monitoring of the Ultra-Slow Rotation of the Magnetic O Star HD 54879
21AC34 Barron Regular 16.9 B A first systematic study of the magnetic fields of classical Cepheid stars
21AC04 Khalack Regular 3.35 C Spectropolarimetric observation of delta Scuti stars with signatures of roAp pulsations
21AC24 Shultz Regular 7.0 C Surveying Binary Merger Products in the Search for the Origin of Fossil Magnetic Fields
21AC03 Khalack Snapshot 3.6 S A study of abundance stratification in magnetic CP stars with extremely slow rotation
21AC06 Khalack Snapshot 6.8 S A study of abundance stratification in HgMn stars
21AC21 Kobzar Snapshot 7.7 S Spectropolarimetric study of roAp stars recently discovered with TESS
21AF09 Alecian Regular 18.3 A The spring 2021 magnetosphere of the strongly accreting T Tauri star RU Lup
21AF04 Neiner Regular 20.6 B Characterization of the F star sig Boo, at the transition between fossil and dynamo magnetic fields
21AF08 Yuan Regular 12.7 B Chemical Confirmation of the Origin of Dynamical Debris from Ancient Mergers
21AF11 Neiner Regular 13.2 C Detecting magnetic fields in chemically peculiar stars observed with TESS for magneto-asteroseismology
21AH88 van Saders Regular 2.0 A Confirmation of a magnetic morphology shift in old solar-type stars
21AH89 van Saders Regular 1.0 C Confirmation of a magnetic morphology shift in old solar-type stars
21AO39 Helminiak Regular 1.5 B Radial velocities of the impossible triple star - testing multiplicity deriving masses and supporting a new hypothesis
21AS09 Wu Regular 9.0 A Investigating the Variability of the Balmer Series for the Black Hole Binary MAXI J1820+070
21AS04 Tang Regular 6.1 C Galactic Archeology of the LAMOST nitrogen-rich metal-poor field giants
21AT01 Ngeow Regular 6.9 A Locking abundances of Milky Way Cepheid standards and their impact on the Hubble constant