SPIRou QSO programs for 2021A

Note: Clarification on C programs

RUNID PI Name Prg Type I-time (h) Grade Title
21AC20 Bell Regular 9.0 A A New Angle on the Mass Loss of WASP-12b
21AC40 Pelletier Regular 8.0 A What's going on here? The intriguing case of the super-puff WASP-39b.
21AC02 Boucher Regular 9.0 B Towards the best C/O ratio measurement of a transiting exoplanet
21AC17 Dragomir Regular 27.9 B A deeper look at the architecture of multi-planet systems
21AC33 Cloutier Regular 10.1 B Empirically calibrating the method to measure detailed M dwarf elemental abundances
21AC39 Valencia Regular 11.8 B Super-Earths or mini-Neptunes: Probing the multiplanet system TOI-1266
21AC22 Gagne Regular 3.2 C Precision NIR RVs for WISE J1624-3212: A Nearby, Potentially Unresolved Low-mass Binary
21AC26 Jahandar Regular 7.7 C High resolution spectroscopy and characterization of M dwarf binaries
21AC18 Gagne Regular 18.4 C Confirming the Kinematics of Young Low-Mass Stars in the Solar Neighborhood
21AF17 Bonfils Regular 5.3 A Transmission spectroscopy of an exo-Earth atmosphere
21AO04 Kesseli Regular 4.2 A Probing a directly imaged planet with SPIRou for the first time
21AF18 Debras Regular 17.9 B ATMOSPHERIX : ATMOSPHERic Investigation of eXoplanets
21AO34 Nugroho Regular 10.5 B WASP-189b is a twin sibling of an ultra hot jupiter WASP-33b
21AF02 Moutou Regular 15.0 B Small Sisters: do M secondaries of planet-hosting primaries in wide binaries also host planetary systems?
21AS07 Gan Regular 14.0 A Mass measurement of a TESS sub-Neptune candidate orbiting a bright M dwarf
21AP40 Donati Regular 235 A SLS