SITELLE QSO programs for 2021B

Note: Clarification on C programs

RUNID PI Name Prg Type I-time (h) Grade Title
21BC04 Raymond Regular 7.9 A Turbulence and Particle Acceleration in a Cygnus Loop Shock Wave
21BC15 Yee Regular 12.0 B Mapping H-alpha Emission in Star Forming Galaxies in Rich Clusters
21BC19 Rhea Regular 16.3 C Disentangling Multiple Component Emission In The Merger Arp256
21BC35 Duarte Puertas Regular 20.0 C Disentangling the intergalactic Ha emitting regions in Hickson compact groups with SITELLE
21BC37 Boyce Regular 21.4 C Star formation supression in galaxy bulges
21BP41 Rousseau-Nepton Regular 82.23 A SIGNALS
21BS20 Deng Regular 3.25 A Supernova Shock Into Dense ISM: High-Velocity Multi-Phase Gas In SNR IC 443
21BS08 Gao Regular 1.62 B Dissecting Merger of Metal-poor Galaxy NGC3239 with Integral Field Spectroscopy