WIRCAM QSO programs for 2021B

Note: Clarification on C programs

RUNID PI Name Prg Type I-time (h) Grade Title
21BF06 Souami Regular 3.0 A The stellar occultation by the Neptunian system of Oct. 7th, 2021
21BF12 Antier Regular 6.0 B CFHT optical and near-infrared follow-up of kilonovae candidates
21BH11 Do Regular 0.3 A Hawaii Supernova Flows
21BH35 Liu Regular 3.7 B Extending dynamical masses to the planetary-mass regime
21BH95 Liu Regular 15.4 C Completing the CFHT infrared parallax large program
21BS11 Cai Regular 15.0 A The Near-Infrared (NIR) Imaging Follow-up for Subaru/HSC and Subaru/PFS Surveys
21BS06 Shi Regular 10.5 C Mapping an unusual protocluster at z=3.24 with [OIII] emitters
21BT05 Lin Regular 6.0 A DeepCos: a near-IR survey over the Subaru Hyper Suprime-Cam deep fields IV
21BT01 Ngeow Regular 6.0 B CFHT-WIRCam RR Lyrae Program: Calibrating NIR Period-Luminosity-Metallicity relations