MEGACAM QSO programs for 2022B

Note: Clarification on C programs

RUNID PI Name Prg Type I-time (h) Grade Title
22BC23 Ruan Regular 6.0 A CFHT Target-of-Opportunity Follow-up of Gravitational Wave Events in LIGO/Virgo Observing Run 4
22BC04 Harris Regular 1.3 B Globular Clusters Below the Metallicity Floor: Calibration in M31
22BC18 Lawler Regular 4.5 B Kozai Plutino orbits: a clue to Kuiper Belt formation
22BF22 Ducoin Regular 3.0 A Characterisation of the ejecta from compact binary mergers
22BF12 Nardiello Regular 1.5 C The white dwarf cooling sequence of the open cluster M 37
22BF02 Martin Snapshot 67.0 S Pushing Galactic Archaeology to its limits with CFHT: Mapping the PRISTINE Galaxy
22BH24 Wainscoat Regular 25.0 A Rapid follow-up of important solar system discoveries from Pan-STARRS
22BH32 Tholen Regular 8.6 A Observations of Near-Earth Objects
22BH06 van Saders Regular 15.0 B Old Clusters for a New Spin on M Dwarf Gyrochronology
22BH11 Zalesky Regular 10.0 B The Frontiers of Galaxy Evolution in the North Ecliptic Pole
22BH12 Sanders Regular 5.4 B CFHT MegaCam Imaging of the H20 EDFF Deep Field
22BH21 Meech Regular 7.0 B Solar System Dynamical Models: Manxes
22BH33 Bufanda Regular 6.3 B Volatile Vehicles to Past: Characterizing the Activity of Long Period Comets
22BH38 Huber Regular 4.0 B Rapid follow-up of kilonovae during the LIGO/Virgo/KAGRA fourth observing run and other fast-evolving transients
22BH95 Sanders Regular 24.6 C CFHT MegaCam Imaging of the H20 EDFF Deep Field
22BH96 Huber Regular 4.0 C Rapid follow-up of kilonovae and other fast-evolving transients
22BH97 Meech Regular 3.0 C Solar system dynamical models: manxes
22BH98 van Saders Regular 5.0 C Old clusters for a new spin on M dwarf gyrochronology
22BH99 Wainscoat Regular 10.0 C Rapid follow-up of important solar system discoveries from Pan-STARRS
22BS11 Zang Regular 6.0 A Extending the Microlensing Planet Mass-ratio Function to Earth/Sun Mass Ratio
22BS10 Luo Regular 3.4 C The dark environment of fast radio burst repeaters
22BT02 Kong Regular 2.0 A Optical counterpart of the most luminous hyperluminous X-ray source
22BP33 Cuillandre Regular 87 A UNIONS (Ultraviolet Near Infrared Optical Northern Survey)
22BP34 Fraser Regular 78 A The Classical and Large-a Distant Solar SYstem (CLASSY) Survey: Measuring TNO Sizes and Orbits to Test Planet Formation History