SPIRou QSO programs for 2022B

Note: Clarification on C programs

RUNID PI Name Prg Type I-time (h) Grade Title
22BC27 Cloutier Regular 3.2 A Empirically calibrating a method to measure accurate M dwarf elemental abundances
22BC20 Deibert Regular 20.0 A Molecular Signatures in the Day-Side Emission of an Ultra-Hot Jupiter
22BC29 Deibert Regular 12.0 B Detecting the Magnetic Field of a Hot Jupiter via Spectropolarimetry of the He I Line
22BC16 Deslieres Regular 17.7 B Search for Super-Earths and Neptunes around TOI-1278
22BC03 Lim Regular 8.9 B Transmission spectroscopy of TRAPPIST-1 planets
22BC10 Oddo Regular 14.4 B Determining the masses of a dense inner planet and sub-Neptunian outer planet
22BC97 Oddo Regular 11.1 C Determining the masses of a dense inner planet and sub-Neptunian outer planet
22BF10 Carmona Regular 14.0 A Long term radial velocity follow up of promising M-dwarfs from the SPIRou Legacy Survey
22BO28 Sanchez-Lopez Regular 7.0 A Exoplanet atmospheres in a new light: Probing the atmospheric mass loss and temperature of KELT-9b using the Paschen series of hydrogen
22BF06 Bonfils Regular 8.9 A Transmission spectroscopy of TRAPPIST-1 planets
22BF19 Debras Regular 16.0 B ATMOSPHERIX : ATMOSPHERic Investigation of eXoplanets
22BF09 Alecian Regular 16.7 B Magnetic-snapshot survey of Class I and Flat Spectrum protostars
22BF04 Manick Regular 7.5 B Spectroscopic study to detect 2 new potential exoplanets in classical T Tauri stars
22BF18 Hebrard Regular 17.2 B Accurate mass characterization of the water-world candidate TOI-1452b
22BF97 Bellotti Snapshot 4.0 S Characterising magnetic activity in known host stars in preparation of the Ariel mission
22BS06 Gan Regular 10.5 A Mass measurement of a rare TESS planet candidate: a giant planet orbiting an M dwarf
22BS19 Chen Regular 11.3 B Deciphering the origin of ultrahot nightside through phase curve and eclipse mapping
22BP45 Donati Regular 315.8 A SPICE: Consolidating & Enhancing the SPIRou Legacy Survey