ESPaDOnS QSO programs for 2023B

Note: Clarification on C programs

RUNID PI Name Prg Type I-time (h) Grade Title
23BC01 Landstreet Regular 9.3 A Time resolved spectropolarimetry for detailed modelling of the hottest known magnetic white dwarf
23BC09 Erba Regular 1.0 B A first look at the negative extremum of xi1 CMas remarkable magnetic field
23BC17 Shultz Regular 3.3 B Benchmarking fundamental parameters of magnetic hot stars with newly discovered eclipsing binaries
23BC19 Folsom Regular 1.0 B Time-resolved study of the magnetic field of the O star HD 54879
23BC25 Barron Regular 4.2 B Finding Magnetic North: A first magnetic map of the classical Cepheid Polaris
23BC31 Hollett Regular 3.6 B First ever evidence for evolving chemical spots in a magnetic A star: the weak-field Am star Alhena
23BC05 Kobzar Regular 10.4 C Spectropolarimetric study of roAp stars observed with TESS
23BC96 Khalack Snapshot 10.85 S A study of abundance stratification in HgMn stars
23BC97 Khalack Snapshot 2.93 S A study of abundance stratification in magnetic CP stars with extremely slow rotation
23BC98 Khalack Snapshot 5.85 S Spectropolarimetric observation of delta Scuti stars with signatures of roAp pulsations
23BF23 Thomson-Paressant Regular 14.75 A Magneto-asteroseismology of TESS delta Scuti stars
23BF04 Oksala Regular 3.7 C Characterizing the magnetic field of 19 Aur
23BF01 Bonifacio Snapshot 6.7 S Binarity and pulsations of the actinide-boost star 2MASSJ0954+5246
23BF02 Caffau Snapshot 4.7 S Young metal-poor stars or evolved blue stragglers?
23BF03 Bouy Snapshot 6.75 S Towards a consistent age scale for the young local associations
23BF19 Bellotti Snapshot 20.5 S Characterising magnetic activity in known host stars in preparation of the Ariel mission
23BH16 Teng Yen Hon Regular 8.0 A Chemical Signatures of Planetary Engulfment in Red Giants
23BH96 van Saders Regular 16.0 A Confirmation of a Magnetic Morphology Shift in Old Sun-like Stars
23BH01 Martin Regular 17.0 B Cepheids: Abundances along the Perseus Arm
23BH03 Gaidos Regular 7.0 B Through a Protoplanetary Disk, Darkly
23BH95 Teng Yen Hon Regular 2.0 C Chemical Signatures of Planetary Engulfment in Red Giants
23BS05 Wu Regular 6.53 A Optical Spectroscopy for the Galactic Ultraluminous X-ray Pulsar Swift J0243.6+6124
23BS14 Bu Regular 6.53 B Exploring the rotation of early-type turn-on stars
23BS02 Liu Snapshot 1.0 S Spectral observation of Swift J0243.6+6124
23BT04 Narang Regular 6.38 A CFHT Orion Protostellar Survey (COPS): Investigating protostellar photosphere and accretion