SPIRou QSO programs for 2023B

Note: Clarification on C programs

RUNID PI Name Prg Type I-time (h) Grade Title
23BC22 Radica Regular 16 A Born Survivor: A SPIRou Study of a Hot-Neptune Orbiting a Red-Giant Star
23BC29 Boucher Regular 9 A Chasing Shadows: Shedding Light on the Nightside Emission of an Ultra Hot Jupiter with SPIRou
23BC28 Cloutier Regular 23 B Exploring the correlation between gas giants and super-Earths around M stars
23BC11 Navarro Regular 9 B Venus nightside observations: O2 airglow and other tracers of atmospheric dynamics and chemistry
23BC26 Boucher Regular 9 B The Doppler signature of zonal jets in the puffy sub-Saturn WASP-127b.
23BC08 Lim Regular 6.6 B Spectroscopic anatomy of a polar spot on a M4-type star
23BC10 Artigau Regular 13.7 B Long term radial velocity follow up of promising M dwarfs from the SPIRou Legacy Survey
23BF12 Carmona Regular 14 A Long term radial velocity follow up of promising M dwarfs from the SPIRou Legacy Survey
23BO48 Mallorquin Diaz Regular 13.3 A Dynamical masses of two young transiting Neptune-size planets in the young 400 Myr star HD 63433
23BF16 Debras Regular 30.8 B ATMOSPHERIX: Atmospheric Investigation of eXoplanets
23BO37 Oklopcic Regular 7 B Detecting the Magnetic Field of a Hot Jupiter via Spectropolarimetry of the He I Line
23BF22 Alecian Regular 10 B Characterising the magnetic field of the protostar MHO 2
23BF08 Finociety Regular 18.5 B Exploring the magnetic topologies of M dwarfs from linear polarization: the case of AU Mic, EV Lac and CN Leo
23BF98 Bellotti Snapshot 8.4 S Characterising magnetic activity in known host stars in preparation of the Ariel mission
23BH14 Brinkman Regular 5 A Investigating the Diversity of Rocky Planet Compositions
23BH06 Hoogendam Regular 2 B While the Iron Is Hot: Supernova Physics in the Infrared
23BS07 Yang Regular 3.5 A Deciphering the evolution of the atmosphere of the lowest density hot Neptune orbiting a red giant
23BP43 Donati Regular 416.7 A SPICE