ESPaDOnS QSO programs for 2024A

Note: Clarification on C programs

RUNID PI Name Prg Type I-time (h) Grade Title
24AC02 Landstreet Regular 8.0 A Are the hydrogen- and helium-rich spots on the surface of the DBA white dwarfs GD 323 and PG 1210+533 magnetically confined?
24AC19 Bermejo Lozano Regular 1.3 B Magnetic model of the first B[e] star with magnetic field detected, IRAS17449+2320
24AC26 Fabiani Regular 5.52 B Investigating the true nature of WR6 via linear polarimetry
24AC20 Korcakova Regular 5.2 C Polarimetry of post-merger candidates
24AC23 Ravikumar Regular 4.24 C The coolest Classical Ae stars
24AC03 Khalack Snapshot 3.15 S A study of abundance stratification in magnetic CP stars with extremely slow rotation
24AC05 Allison Snapshot 3.88 S Study of HgMn Stars with Tidally-Induced Pulsations
24AC07 LeBlanc Snapshot 9.5 S Spectropolarimetric study of roAp stars observed with TESS
24AC09 Sliusarenko Snapshot 9.81 S Spectropolarimetric observation of delta Scuti stars with signatures of roAp pulsations
24AC13 Erba Snapshot 1.0 S A first look at the negative extremum of xi1 CMa's remarkable magnetic field
24AC21 Erba Snapshot 1.0 S A time-resolved study of the magnetic field of the O star HD 54879
24AF19 Griessmeier Regular 4.3 A Interpretation of radio observations of tau Bootis A b using near- simultaneous magnetic maps of tau Bootis
24AF09 Labadie-Bartz Regular 1.0 B Magnetism in the chemically peculiar pulsating eclipsing binary HD 277537
24AF14 Casamiquela Regular 3.0 B Chemical analysis of disrupting open clusters
24AF04 Yuan Regular 20.4 C Chemical Tagging Unveiled: Tracing Origins of Unbound, Young, Filamentary Stellar Groups
24AF10 Neiner Regular 6.5 C Magnetism in low vsini A and B stars
24AF22 Oksala Regular 7.1 C Monitoring the magnetic fields of the A-type supergiants 13 Mon and eta Leo
24AF08 Petit Snapshot 28.4 S Characterising magnetic activity in known host stars in preparation of the Ariel mission