SPIRou QSO programs for 2024A

Note: Clarification on C programs

RUNID PI Name Prg Type I-time (h) Grade Title
24AC04 Bryan Regular 24.7 A Exploring the correlation between gas giants and super-Earths around M stars
24AC16 Allart Regular 24 B Detecting the Magnetic Field of a Hot Jupiter via Spectropolarimetry of the He I Line
24AC24 Allart Regular 11.4 B Does the extended atmosphere of HAT-P-18b escape into space and in a cometary-like tail form?
24AC25 Artigau Regular 12.4 B Long term radial velocity follow up of promising M dwarfs from the SPIRou Legacy Survey
24AF21 Morin Regular 7.1 A Hunting extrasolar Coronal Mass Ejections: characterising the first detection of a type-II radio burst from an M dwarf
24AO39 Mallorquin Diaz Regular 15 A Dynamical mass of a Neptune-size planet with the age of the Pleiades
24AF05 Bonflis Regular 10.4 B Characterising the magnetic field of TOI-3884: a benchmark for activity contamination in transmission spectroscopy
24AF11 Debras Regular 28 B ATMOSPHERIX: Atmospheric Investigation of eXoplanets
24AF12 Bellotti Regular 1.6 B Unraveling the ubiquitous low-frequency radio emission detected by LOFAR for M dwarfs
24AF13 Alecian Regular 22.5 C Magnetic-snapshot survey of Class I and Flat Spectrum protostars
24AF99 Petit Snapshot 10.1 S Characterising magnetic activity in known host stars in preparation of the Ariel mission
24AP43 Donati Regular 294.1 A SPICE
24AS08 Yang Regular 14 A Searching for disequilibrium chemistry and dynamics in the atmosphere of a warm Neptune
24AS04 Gan Regular 7.5 B Mass determination of two rare transiting warm Jupiter candidates around M dwarfs
24AS15 Wang Snapshot 8 S Revealing the nature of rare M dwarf eclipsing binaries with peculiar orbits