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This page contains the collected prejudices of the STOC members in the area of accessories, clothing, etc. This has been going by on the list since day 1, but I have only saved a little of it. It really is impossible to keep up. I am hoping to keep some of the STuff which flies by, and in a manner which will make it slightly useful. I'll break it into categories, and under that list brands. For each brand I'll list the members opinions. Comments please, both on the items and how I screwed it up. When it gets a bit bigger I'll try to put in a hyperlinked index for quicker access.

boots, waterproof


Don Feyma: I have been wearing a pair of Alpinstars 780 Tourer Goretex touring boots. They are the moST comfortable pair of any shoes I have ever worn. They also seem to be very waterproof with the goretex lining, although I also treat them with Scotchgard for Leather treatment to make sure. Sometimes I wear them at work all day, if I forget my sneakers. They are very soft and comfy, and don't have the flashy racer look. FWIW... 970419

Vic Norton: I just got a pair of Alpinestar Gore-Tex Tourers. They are nicely made and very comfortable. 970420

Bill Pratt: This is my choice... have been using them for two years. No complaints in rainy Seattle. 970420

Phil Roberts: As someone who lives in a *wet* climate, I can thouroughly endorse Alpinestar GoreTex touring boots. 970420


Tom Crew: I use Vendramini boots, and so does my wife. We have rode all day in downpours, and never had wet feet.

waterproof the boots yourself!

Charlie Woods: I have several pair of boot I made waterproof by using a product called Sno-Seal. It's a silicon cream, you heat whatever you want to waterproof with a hair dryer then smear this goop on and rub it in... Should be available at any LARGE sporting goods. 970419

boots, NOT waterproof


Bill Cruise: I have a pair of non-Goretex 780 tourers's which are great for riding, but not for walking. A mile walk on pavement is bad. Up or down and on rough ground is sheer torture. 970420

gloves, waterproof


Phil Roberts: As someone who lives in a *wet* climate, I can thoroughly endorse BMW GoreTex gloves. 970420


Charlie Woods: For Gloves, I use 'over-mittens', plastic thingies that slip on over your gloves... they fit well up your arm and have elastic to keep the water out of the sleeve... both are suede on the palms and the left hand has suede on the backside, I suppose to use to wipe your visor.... 970419

Bill Cruise
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