1996 Thailand / Singapore / Malaysia Vacation

1996 Thailand / Singapore / Malaysia Vacation

My daughter Cathleen and I did a three week tour of Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia, starting at the end of May 1996. Here are a few of the pictures - mostly from Cathleen's camera, as I shot only slides. You may request a slide show at any time. The admission fee is a dinner invitation. If you click on any of the pictures, you can get a much larger, and slower version. Picture sizes range from 50K to 200K bytes. Sorry about the variability of the scans -- some were done at work on a fancy HP (the poorer resolution scans), and some at home on my < $200 Mustek (the sharper ones). Not all the pictures were available for rescans.

The flower is one of Cathleen's shots. This is from the pools around our Marriott Hotel in Bangkok.

A couple of pictures of the "workhorse" of Southeast Asia. Actually these critters are fast being replaced by tractors. These pictures are courtesy of Dr. Pierre Couturier, my boss, who preceeded us to Thailand by several months.

A long tailed boat on the Chao Pyhra River in Bangkok. These things are powered by car engines, and really haul. We took several trips in boats like this one.

Here's Cathleen with some of her new found friends, at the Rose Garden, south of Bangkok.

Thai traditional dancing.

These pictures were taken at the ruins in Ayutaha, an ancient capital of Thailand, which was overrun by Burma in 17 ??.

Temple pictures in Thailand. There are some 37,000 Buddist temples in the country.

This floating market is in a small city south of Bangkok. Many of the streets are canals.



We got a fantastic tour of the Singapore Zoo, surely one of the best zoos I have seen, by Kit Sun Tan, an associate curator, and ST1100 motorcycle owner.

Some family portraits. Somehow Kit managed to get us up on an elephant. This was too far off the ground for me!

More pictures, real soon now, including Kit himself and the Stodgy Toad, his ST1100.