Throttle Body Removal and Installation

Tools Needed:

             8mm Socket (Throttle Cable Assembly)

             10mm Socket (Negative Battery Cable)

             13mm Socket (TB hold-down bolts)

             #25 Torx driver (TB sensors)

             3/16” Allen wrench (New TB hold-down bolts)



1) Remove the Throttle Body hat. If you already have an after market air intake (Quick D, Intense

  Performance, Mopar®, K&N®, etc.), it will be much easier, if not, just remove the flex hose and the

  Throttle Body hat.




View of overall engine with hat on TB. – Left Side




View of overall engine with hat on TB. – Right Side





  2) Now there are three electronic connections attached to the TB. There is one in the rear, and two

  on the driver side. The ones on the side are the push and pull type. Push down on the tab, and pull

  it off. The one on the rear is the pry type. You need to lift the tab a bit to be able to slip it off. You

  may also now remove the vacuum line from the front of the TB.


TB as viewed from the top.   Idle motor is at top of picture, TPS is gray connector on right and MAP sensor is bottom.

TB as viewed from right side of engine



  3) With the electric connections removed, it's time to move to the Throttle cables. There are three

  cables attached to the TB. Do not try to pry them off. They are held on by kind of a "C" connection.

  The little black parts at the end of the cables attach to the TB by being pushed on, and they are

  removed by being pushed on in the opposite direction. The "C" looks like this…C-------- you have to

  push it past the stud. You will understand once you see it. They are C clips with the cable attached.






Looking  at Throttle cables. 

Left side comes in from transmission. 

Two right side cables come from throttle

 pedal and cruise control.


View of end of throttle cable.  The C------ that

Dan Speaks of.


The last cable to be removed.  You will have to

Fully open throttle by hand to access this cable

Removal of the last throttle cable.





 4) Now if you have gotten this far... You are home free. There are three 8-mm bolts holding the

  Throttle cable attachment brace to the TB. There are two bolts in the front, and one just behind the

  spring on the side. The brace will still be attached to the cables so don't try to move it very far; we

  just wanted to release it from the TB housing. (KEEP THESE bolts, as you will need them for Step







Two bolts in front holding throttle cable

 Attachment Brace to TB.

Bracket with bolts removed.


Single bolt holding throttle cable attachment brace to throttle body.

Rear of bracket with bolt removed.


  5) With the brace loose from the TB it's time to remove the four bolts on top of the TB. Once they

  are removed, you will be able to lift the TB off of the Intake plenum. Once it is removed, make sure

  you cover the opening with a towel, or something, to make sure nothing falls into the opening.





Throttle body with four bolts removed, ready to be lifted off of manifold.



  6) Now away from the engine, preferable on a bench, you can safely remove all the sensors and

  install them on the Fastman TB. The one in the back is the Idle Motor, the one on the driver side is

  the Throttle Position sensor, and the one in front is the MAP sensor. You will need a #25 torx

  wrench; it is the little star looking driver.



Idle Motor.



Throttle Position Sensor - TPS



MAP Sensor



  7) Remove any gasket material from the intake plenum. Put down the new gasket included with the

  kit (please do not use any RTV). I have included a new S bolt, and 4 new button head bolts to use

  instead of the stock bolts.


  8) Place the Fastman TB on the gasket and start the bolts into the plenum. It is easier to start all 4

  bolts first then go back and tighten them down (remember the intake plenum is aluminum, so DO

  NOT over tighten). Then attach the cable support brace using the stock 8-mm bolts you removed in

  Step #4 and reattach the cables, and the electronic connections.


  9) The final step is to install the S bolt. Thread it until the double nuts hit the TB. If it is not aligned

  to the rear of the TB, then you will have to loosen the bolts and turn it either counter or clockwise

  until it is properly aligned…then tighten it down.


  10) Then replace the TB hat, and anything else you removed.


  11) The next step is to disconnect the negative side of the battery for a 10 to 20 seconds, this will

  reset the computer and allow it to relearn the setting with the new air flow rates. It should reset in

  about 40 miles. It may run rich for the first couple of minutes. Don't worry, it will relearn the proper



  12) The last and most important step is to put your Stock TB (and old S bolt if you already had the

  Quick D intake kit) in the box and return it ASAP. I will return your voided deposit check upon the

  receipt of the core.