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About Me

Heather Flewelling, Physics PhD (University of Michigan, 2009), ham radio operator (AH7RF), Comet Flewelling (C/2019 D1), Asteroid Flewelling (34689). Experience with building databases and processing images from large imagers (Pan-STARRS GPC1, MegaCam, ATLAS, ROTSE). Currently (since Sept, 2020) an Instrument Support Scientist for CFHT.

Outreach Web Visualization Tools

These are webtools, created using javasript and html5, to allow users to easily combine different megacam or panstarrs images to create color images. The examples below were created using the megacam image colorizer.

Megacam Image Colorizer code availablle on github CASCA 2021 poster available here

Pan-STARRS Image Colorizer code available on github

ESPaDOnS Spectrum Viewer code available on github CASCA 2022 poster available here


I have been mentoring a couple of students each year while working at CFHT, primarily high school and undergraduate students, often from The Akamai Workforce Initiative or from the Maunakea Scholars program. Here is a short list of students I have worked with:

  • Zachary Mader - Akamai 2021
  • Andrew Unger - Akamai 2022
  • Alpha Djalo - 2022

last updated in November 2023