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The EEV2 device will be put back in service on Gecko in 2004B. A serial CTE problem prevents its use on any other instrument than Gecko.

QE Curve

Device Characteristics:

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Serial number: 7171-3-3
Device type code: CCD42-90-1-941
Received at CFHT on 2 June 1998
Device grade: 1 (science)
Thinned?: Yes
Backside passivation: Boron implant
AR coating: Yes
Pixel size: 13.5 µ
Number of columns: 2048
Number of rows: 4500
Cosmetic defects: Very good
Operating temperature: -125C
Bias Level: ˜ 500 ADUs
Readout noise: 3.99 e-
Readout time: 30s [Gecko raster 250 × 4500]
Gain: 1.339 e-/ADU
Well depth: 83 000 e-
Linearity: 0.5% over full-well
Horizontal CTE: 0.99995
Vertical CTE: > 0.99999
Dark current: < 2e-/hr/pixel


The dewar window introduces a slight vignetting in the corners of the CCD frames.