SITELLE Commissioning and Science Verification Data

Part of the data obtained during Sitelle Commissioning (August 2015) and Science Verification (January 2016) are publically available. These data are presented in this presentation made by SITELLE's PI Laurent Drissen at the 2016 CFHT User's meeting.

The following table gives a description of the spectral cubes properties and the corresponding link to the reduced data. These spectral cubes have been reduced by ORBS href="" , a data reduction software specifically written for SITELLE (and its prototype instrument SPIOMM at Observatoire du Mont Mégantic by Thomas Martin at Laval University). All cubes are calibrated in wavelength and in flux, and are given as a function of wavelength (nm).

Papers and conference presentations on SITELLE are also available on this web page . One thing to remember when browsing through the cubes: SITELLE's instrument line function is a sinc, not a gaussian; therefore, negative images of the sources appear on channels adjacent to the line core. This is perfectly normal, and all the information included in these sidelobes are fully taken into account by ORCS, SITELLE's data analysis software (more details available here ).

Questions regarding the data can be addressed to Laurent Drissen (ldrissen at and Thomas Martin (thomas.martin.1 at

Target name Description Filter name Resolving power (theoretical) Number of exposures Exposure time Spectral cube
A0426 Galaxy cluster SN3 1800 308 25 A0426_SN3.merged.nm.1.0.fits
High-z-1 HETDEX pilot field SN2 600 133 102 High-z-1_SN2.merged.nm.1.0.fits
IC348 Star cluster and HII region SN3 5000 847 6 IC348_SN3.merged.nm.1.0.fits
M31 Spiral galaxy central region SN2 846 185 30 M31-Field1_SN2.merged.nm.1.0.fits
M57 Planetary nebula SN3 3171 528 15 M57_SN3.merged.nm.1.0.fits