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Classical Observing with
ESPaDOnS: an Echelle SpectroPolarimetric Device
for the Observation of Stars at CFHT

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Observing with ESPaDOnS in Classical Mode

In Classical Mode, PIs come to the observatory (or send a colleague) to conduct their own observations at the telescope, backup or transfer their data, and do the data reduction. This mode will be offered until the end of Semester 2007B only. Starting with Semester 2008A, ESPaDOnS observations will be carried in Queued Service Observations mode.

This page presents information useful for Classical Observing with ESPaDOnS.

ESPaDOnS is an instrument that has 3 modes:

There are also 4 CCD readout modes with different gains, readout noises, and readout times.

Each exposure covers 40 orders from 3700Å to 10500Å (with 3 very small gaps: 9224-9234Å, 9608-9636Å, 10026-10074Å).

A Graphical User Interface (GUI) allows users to configure the instrument in the desired mode, take sets of calibrations, use the guider, and take science exposures. The data reduction software, Libre-ESpRIT, takes care of all the necessary steps to get the geometric and wavelength calibrations, extract star and sky spectra when appropriate, and calculate polarization.
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