CFHT, Instruments, Spectroscopy, FTS

Users' Manual for the CFHT
Fourier Transform Spectrometer

David A. Bohlender

Version 1.0; 8 July 1994

This manual was generated with Nikos Drakos's translator (version 0.5.3). A hard copy of the manual in its entirety may be obtained by contacting the author or CFHT. Individual sections are also easily printed from Mosaic. You can also view and print the postscript version, but be forewarned that the postscript file has a size exceeding 3 MB.


This manual provides a brief introduction to the CFHT Fourier Transform Spectrometer (FTS); it discusses the general design of the instrument in a relatively nontechnical fashion as well as the basic procedures for its operation. Those interested in a more detailed technical discussion should consult ``Active Control For a Fourier Transform Spectrometer'' by J.-P. Maillard and G. Michel (Proceedings of IEEE Regional 6 Conference, 1981) and ``An Astronomical Fourier Transform Spectrometer'' by P. Connes and G. Michel (Applied Optics, Volume 14, pp. 2067, 1975). The latter article describes an instrument which is in many ways similar to the CFHT FTS. The CFHT FTS itself is discussed by Maillard and Michel in ``A High Resolution Fourier Transform Spectrometer For The Cassegrain Focus At The CFH Telescope'' (Instrumentation for Astronomy with Large Optical Telescopes, ed. C.M. Humphries, p. 213-222. An excellent review of interferometers in general can be found in ``High Resolving Power Fourier Spectroscopy'' by H. Sakai, which is Chapter 1 of the book ``Spectrometric Techniques Volume'' (Academic Press, 1981) and the text ``Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometry'' by P.R. Griffiths and J.A. de Haseth provides a wealth of information. Finally, S. Johnston's ``Fourier Transform Infrared'' (Ellis Horwood, 1991) provides a very interesting historical summary of Fourier transform spectroscopy.

This manual does NOT include a discussion of data reduction techniques and software for use with CFHT FTS data. Instead, the user should refer to the manual The CFHT Fourier Transform Spectrometer Data Reduction Program Users' Guide , by Bohlender and Link for information on reducing CFHT FTS scans. This document is available in hardcopy form or can be accessed from Xmosaic.

It should be pointed out that this manual is a somewhat expanded version of an earlier draft written by Dr. Timothy Davidge during his tenure as a CFHT Resident Astronomer. However, the current author assumes full responsibility for any errors or omissions occurring in this final version of the manuscript. Any questions or comments should be referred to Christian Veillet ( or the Directors (

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