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CFHT Coudé Comparison Arc
Spectral Atlases

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This spectral atlas consists of data acquired with the decommissioned coudé f/8.2 spectrograph. The resolution you can expect with Gecko is higher by a factor of approximately four. Note also that at the moment the plotting routine is guaranteed to work for wavelength ranges of a few 100Å only, but this is more than enough for Gecko purposes.

NOTE: if you are using the French mirror site and are experiencing difficulties with this atlas, please try the Atlas on the CFHT Web site.

Select Lamp Type (wavelength coverage is in parentheses):

Thorium Argon (3770 to 9290Å)
Iron Argon (2700 to 9640Å)
Cadmium Neon (2820 to 9500Å)
Thorium Neon (2700 to 9650Å)

Lower wavelength (in Å):
Upper wavelength (in Å):

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